Affiliate sites that I chose for promoting products

by Ranjan Barman

“In affiliate marketing, it’s not just about who you know, it’s about quality.”

Commission Junction(cj) is very popular site for affiliate marketing. Here we can find many company’s product to promote. The best part is we are dealing with branded companies not any individual. Also, we can keep track on different company’s different product links in one place.

To Many people, a website means promise and we can’t cheat people by promoting any harmful product. I saw some affiliate site’s products that I can’t guaranty whether it is a scam or not. I saw very few sites like CJ who give us qualitative products to promote.

It is true that the commission rate is very low 2% to 3% but it is the guaranty commission that we get from our efforts by promoting.

Here are some external source that will increase your knowledge and help you stay connected with them.





JVZOO is also very qualitative platform for affiliate marketing. You can sell your product also from here. This platform is best for E-mail marketing experts. The commission is really high. Most of the products give 50% commission per sell.

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