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All you need to know about tanning and pigmentation – how to fix these?

Tanning and pigmentation are two of the most common skin problems faced by most of us. These problems are caused due to over exposure of of UV rays, pollution, etcetera. It is due to tanning and pigmentation problems sometimes the skin tone appears to be uneven. Proper care should be taken to reduce and remove tanning and pigmentation.

In case of tanning, you can simply apply some home remedies or visit your beautician once a month for anti tanning treatment. But in case of pigmentation can’t be removed so easily as it is caused by the skin cells which are known as melanin which are also responsible for the colour of our skin.De-tanning should be done regularly to avoid pigmentation. In case you observe any kind of unevenness in your skin tone even after de tanning treatment you should probably consult a doctor and be sure about your pigmentation. If proper treatment is not done your pigmentation will continue to to spread and cause hyperpigmentation which will be e not so easy to get rid of. You can follow some home remedies to reduce pigmentation but you will be needing some proper treatments to remove pigmentation. 1.You can use Apple Cider vinegar to get rid of pigmentation. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in two tablespoons of water and apply it on your skin with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for three to five minutes and rinse well with Luke warm water. Do this twice everyday and see the results.

2. Aloe vera may help to reduce your pigmentation and tanning. Apply aloe vera gel to your skin and let it dry for half an hour. Wash it with face wash the Aloesin in the aloe vera gel helps to reduce tanning and makes the skin lighter, softer and glowing.

3. Green tea can also reduce tanning and pigmentation. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that are friendly to the skin. Paste some green tea leaves and apply it on the dark patches and rinse it after some time.

4. Yogurt and turmeric also helps in the reduction of tanning. Make a paste with yoghurt, turmeric, gram flour and apply it on your skin like a mask wash it after it dries off or after five minutes follow this at least once a week and see the results. You can also add ingredients to eat like lime juice, rose water, rice flour, tomato juice, etc.

5. Pigmentation may also occur due to stress. Try to exercise regularly to avoid skin problems as well as stay fit.

6. Potatoes acts as anti-pigmentation agents. Grate or paste some potatoes and use the juice to apply on your skin.

7. Coconut oil helps replenishing the dead cells and also protect them from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.You can also use sandalwood paste to reduce pigmentation, tanning and rejuvenate your skin.Apart from all these try to eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. the antioxidants presence in the fruits and vegetables helps fighting pigmentation, tanning and many other skin problems. Try to keep your diet healthy and that will be depicted on your skin too.

Try to eat dark berries, dark chocolates, herbal tea, coffee as these products also contains antioxidants.Now moving on to hyper pigmentation, hyper pigmentation is the condition which cannot be treated at home, neither it can be treated at your beauty salon. The treatment of hyper pigmentation needs experienced medical professionals as it demands expertise. Hyper pigmentation appears as dark spots for uneven skin in and are treated by the following options-

A. Laser peelChemical peel

B.Intense Pulse Light(IPL) therapy

C. Retinoid

D. Micro dermabrasion

E. Dermabrasion

Different skin types and hyper pigmentation needs different therapies. See the dermatologist and consult about your problems. Apart from the above mentioned therapies some more trees are there to treat pigmentation which contain the use of of skin lightening creams which will help lighten the spots and make it look even to some extent, some face acids are also used which exfoliate the target skin cells or shed the top layer of your skin. New skin cells will emerge with even tone. But I would suggest that you consult a doctor before using anything artificial on your skin.

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