You need your own business email

by Ranjan Barman

We are all familiar with our free email addresses. Without an email address, we can open a web account at nowhere. If you are thinking to represent your business with your free email then you never can win your customer’s trust. The scammer uses free emails to cheat people by representing business. Besides free email has no standard in the corporate world for both representing a team or individual.

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How can a local store owner open his own online e-commerce store?

by Ranjan Barman

E-commerce store is a place from where you can sell your products. Suppose you are the owner of a shop and you do business locally inside your town/city/village. In this case, you sell products from a fixed place from your shop. But your selling capacity is limited in a town or city there can be thousands of more shops like yours. Then what are the differences between yours and the others? There are more, now a day’s competition isn’t between the same shops around your town/city/locality.

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Step by step guide to open free blog through WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. If you are going to open a blog then this tutorial will help you to open a free blogging site through WordPress. You also can make money by affiliate marketing from the free website if you want. But you won’t be able to use google adsense in this free website. WordPress will use their adsense ads in your free website.

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What is freelancing?

by Ranjan Barman

Online freelancing is very vast place for the freelancers. There are some popular platforms like Fiver, Elance, Freelancer, Truelancer etc where a person with some skills can give some services in the exchange of money. If you don’t know whether you have a skill to work as a freelancer then I tell you all you need is time and experience. You have to keep yourself engaged with the platforms. You have to check other people’s profiles, their topics and working methods. Also there are some tricks with that you can work as a freelancer.

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