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Tell me about yourself – Do you find this easy question very difficult to answer?

When I ask people, “Tell me about yourself.” Most of them find this easy question very difficult to answer. Sometimes they end up with less than 4 lines about themselves. This is the most asked questions in job interviews. Have you ever wondered why the HR asks you about yourself when you have mentioned everything in your CV? I believe this question is asked to test your self confidence. 

As a teacher when I meet new students in my centre I ask this same question to them to check their self confidence level. And the students face same question again and again during the entire course. I do this process to check on my students how their confidence has grown during the course.  

I believe you can think about your CV while telling about yourself. It will help you to better organize your speech during an interview or encounter with someone.

What you can do to tell a better version of yourself:

  1. Prepare a well organized professional CV.
  2. Study your CV before an interview/ encounter.
  3. Practice to tell about yourself from the CV in front of a mirror.

These three steps will solve your biggest problem forever. And wait! Did you find this idea interesting? Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also share your experience in the comment.

You need to be crazy enough to submit a CV like mine “CV of Ranjan

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How I created my passive income source

Written by: Ranjan Barman

I was a student of class XI when it all started. I wanted to learn the technique about earning money with less efforts. So that I can continue my study with earning.

I used to spend hours on internet learning about the technique “How to make money from internet without investment”. As a student I couldn’t think about any investment to start a business that time.

After months of research and understanding I came to a conclusion that was I could sell other people’s products or services from a website that is called affiliate marketing. Also I can earn from adsense ads if I own a website and a Youtube channel.

This knowledge brought another thought in my mind “how to own a website?” I knew how to start a Youtube channel. It was so easy. I could make a video and upload it in my channel. But owning a website was a technical thing.

I put myself into research again how could I own a website. And I understood that owning a website would cost me money and also I need knowledge in HTML & CSS. So first I needed a money source to buy a domain & hosting and also I must acquire knowledge in HTML & CSS to design the website.

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As a student I had no other options but teaching students. I was good in English grammar so I decided that I would be teaching that subject to the school students.

I started telling my friends that I wanted to teach students and if they know someone who needed a English teacher. Soon I got my very first student and from one it became two and numbers started increasing every month.

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By that time I also started a YouTube channel where I used to upload tutorial videos on English grammar. YouTube didn’t give me money for the first few years though it helped me in many ways.

I bought my first website and started writing blogs when I had a source of money from teaching students.

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Now I got my teaching work, a YouTube channel and a website. The money I received from teaching that I used to spend on my internet bills and website.

This sequence went on for almost a year and nothing interesting happened. But in a year I became a known English teacher in my locality.

My website and YouTube didn’t generate any money for the first year. It took time to get my YouTube channel approved for adsense ads. And after rejected three times my website was also approved for adsense.

Many people have misconceptions about adsense. They think it’s a get rich quick scheme once their website or YouTube channel gets approved by adsense.

For me it took three years to get my first 100$ in my bank account. And after that the time started getting shorter. Sometimes it took three or four months or even six months to get 100$ in my bank account from YouTube.

But surprisingly I wasn’t earning money from website. Generating money from adsense ads on website took lot more efforts than a YouTube channel. But still I was paying for hosting plans and domain renewal.

I made many mistakes in the beginning. I bought few domains unnecessarily. Sometimes I purchased wrong hosting plan, removed all website data by mistake.

In 2016 I purchased and since then I have been only focusing on this website. From the name you can guess it’s purpose. I wanted to make it a blogging website and wanted to earn money from adsense ads and affiliate marketing.

I have learnt one thing very clearly. Whether you have a YouTube channel or a website you must concentrate on a fixed niche. Like my YouTube channel when my focus was on English grammar only then the growth of the channel was very good but when I started uploading videos on other topics since then the growth started go down side.

I have multiple YouTube channels now three are them performing well.

I have big plans for blogrator. I want to turn it into a media company like forbes or medium in future. I want many freelance or full-time content writers write for blogrator. I have started the process. I have few writers now who publish their writing on daily basis.

I have done multiple jobs, businesses and freelancing to support my passion. I have worked in Orion Edutech Pvt Ltd as soft skills trainer in 2018. After that I joined Arena Animation Malda as GWDD+ course trainer that is Graphics and web design & development and digital marketing course. After Arena Animation I went to Kolkata to have a different taste in career. I joined as guest experience manager in OYO in sector v kolkata. After that I came back Malda and join OPPO as a trainer.

During the second month of lockdown in India I resigned from OPPO to start my own E-commerce business in Malda. This business got a good hit. And for the first time the people of Malda came to know about blogrator. Because during COVID 19 outbreak I turned my website into a E-commerce store where people can place order from the website.

In early ages after completing BCA from Malda college I did some freelancing part-time jobs like assessor for media and entertainment sector under skill India project. I was also a mistrey auditor for Shaw hotels and consultancy. I designed websites for my foreign clients. I was hired multiple times from foreign countries for teaching computer, English and Bengali language.

I did multiple business like starting a web design training and service provider. I have been running my YST Tutorial centre since 2011. And also the recent E-commerce business and many more.

I have also published book like “Communication English- A Universal Exercise Book” at Amazon flipkart like platforms.

Those jobs, freelancing and businesses were and still are my active source of income. Without those income I could never able to support my passion my passive source. My passive source is still not strong. But I have trusted my passion for years and I have accrued lots of knowledge about it. The best part is I never gave up. And my this attitude gave me lots of technical knowledge that I have today. And I am truly very happy about it.

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How to Earn Money from Home in 2020?

Author: Debjit Dey

Are you looking for some home-based earning opportunities? Yes, you will be fully enlightened here. Many people have the urge to start earning and become independent but somehow the situations are not in favour.

So, today I will put forward a detailed description of all the earning platforms under the comfort of your home with high, little or zero investments. Given below are some illustrations which I hope would do justice to the given topic.

Ways to earn money at home.

Being really honest, there are several paths for earning money at home. It can be either with more investment, less investment or zero investment. Let us first start discussing the provision of earning money at home with zero investment.

Earn Money from Home with No Investment

Content Writing & Blogging

If you are gifted with a good knowledge of literature and language, then this job is totally made for you. You have the option of freelancing as well. You can write contents, editorials, articles, blogs, etc. and earn a very good deal out of it.

You can create your own website or blog as well. Following this, you can earn money at home very easily and comfortably. Most importantly, it requires no security deposit or investment, whatever you call it.

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Affiliate Marketing:

Start selling other people’s products/ services and keep earning handsome commissions as much as you can. There’s no limit to it, really! Online platforms and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are great pathways through which you can promote various products and services owned by someone else.

Once anyone purchases the product or service through your link, you get commissions. And believe it or not, it’s a great source of income that you can start from today with zero investment. Many people have been running their families with the help of affiliate marketing. There are affiliate marketers in the world who are multi-billionaires and they have started their journey one fine day, just like you!

Home tutoring:

When I am talking about home tutoring, the term “home” is itself mentioned there. If you can handle students and have a strong grip over any particular subject, then you can opt for this profession.

This field is very fruitful since a lot of students are in general hungry for education, therefore, you can earn a huge income sitting at home. You also have the advantage to establish your own coaching centre at home.

Captcha coding:

So basically, captcha coding is one of the most renowned and easiest home-based tasks. If you are good at typing, then you will be able to do this work perfectly.

You just need a cellphone for it which I guess we all own in the 21st century. You just need to code the captcha and submit your assignment, that is it. In this procedure, you can get your salary on a weekly or monthly basis.

Reselling used products:

Reselling used products can fetch you a very high-income scale. You just have to post advertisements on several social media applications and make people aware that you are reselling your products. A lot of people will eventually be attracted since they cannot afford first-hand products.

You can sell almost anything like clothes, jewellery, shoes, watches, furniture, cell phones etc. Even there are several applications available which will give you ideas of where to pitch your products and from where to attract more customers.

Tele communicating:

If you process a good convincing power and good fluency in your respective language, then tele calling or telecommunicating can help you earn a living.

It is an extremely trendy job right now because of the pandemic situation. There is no chance for any investment here, you can sit at home and follow up the leads on a full time or part-time basis.

Earn Money at Home with a Little Investment

Network marketing:

Network marketing is a huge platform for earning from home and if luck favours, one can earn a huge recurring income here. It’s a particular type of networking business with a very little investment.

In this particular platform, you need to attract people commonly known as network marketers and you are meant to make them join your marketing team. In this way, you will get a commission. There will be an initial investment, but later you will be able to make it up with a recurring passive income.

Jewellery maker:

If you have good artistic knowledge, you can buy materials and make jewellery such as necklace, earrings, chokers etc and sell them. These handmade jewels will help you earn a decent amount in this regard. At the initial stage, you have to spend a very minute amount in buying the materials.

Soapmaker: As we all know, in this pandemic situation it is important to keep ourselves as well as our surroundings clean and hygienic.

Therefore, a lot of people will be interested in buying soaps because they are harm-free and do not contain any chemicals and most importantly, because they are made from natural products. If you can learn it from YouTube, you will be able to earn a very good amount of money at home.

Homemade confectionaries:

In this pandemic situation, everyone is staying indoors and is not being able to go out. Naturally, they are unable to visit all the fancy places to eat.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity to earn if you have a good knowledge of cooking. You can make homemade cakes, biscuits, cookies and several other confectionaries and sell them. This is a great opportunity to earn money sitting at home.

Start Earning from Home with Good Investment.

Xerox shop at home:

Establishing a xerox showroom at your home requires a good amount of investment. You have to buy a xerox machine in that case. It requires a good amount of investment because the cost of the xerox machine is way too much.

But irrespective of all these, you will be able to earn a very handsome stipend on a daily basis. You do not have to travel as well because the business is handled by you, that too at home without any risks of travelling involved. It’s a great business with no risk, and the best part is you start earning from the very first day of your business.

Turn your home to a gym and fitness centre:

If you are planning to convert a room of your home or the whole of your home into a gym and fitness centre, then it is an extremely good idea. At an initial stage, you have to make a big investment in order to buy various gym equipment.

But since a lot of people are health and fitness conscious nowadays, local residents will eventually come and join hands with your centre which will fetch you quite a good deal of remuneration in turn.

It’s a one-time investment with recurring monthly income opportunities. It can be a great financially stable income if you are good at it.

Home Grocery store:

No matter what, people are always inclined to local grocery stores instead of shopping malls. This is because the shopping malls charge unnecessary extra money which turns out to be a waste.

If you have an intention to convert your home into a grocery store, then you have to invest money in buying the wholesale products from the market. As a result, you will become the owner of a huge amount of money because grocery stores have the highest sales even today!

Once again, a risk-free business that will fetch you a good amount of monthly income with a bit of investment and effort.

Tailoring shop:

Tailoring shop is of great benefit looking at the current situation. Firstly, you have to invest with the purpose of buying a sewing machine. You can make designer clothes as well as sew clothes of various people.

This will help you strengthen your business and earn a better amount of money sitting at home. By selling the designer clothes, you will no doubt be able to earn a lot of cash. Secondly, by sewing clothes, you will be able to create a mark of your work in the hearts of people.


Thus, to conclude, I would like to say that if you want to make this pandemic time a productive one, you can start earning at home based on the above options. You will be able to earn your living with much ease and comfort.

I have more or less tried to cover all the fields. However, there are many more to it. Keep reading more blogs, YouTube channels that talk about earning from home opportunities, magazines that provide information about reliable sources of income, and more.