Skin care tips homemade remedies

Many people in the day to day life experience many infections, allergies due to many unfair environmental conditions. In order to take care of skin many remedies which can be made in home itself helps to cure infections, allergies.

Some ingredients like lemon, papaya, banana, turmeric, honey, aloe Vera, cucumber, baking soda, rice flour, curd, rose water etc., help in making home remedies for skin. Continue reading “Skin care tips homemade remedies”


The JioPhone announced by Reliance is now the biggest talk of the town. The JioPhone, introduced as “India ka Smartphone” is a 4G feature phone that is    powered by KaiOS. The most attractive feature about this phone is that it is launched at an attractive price of Rs.0. Users will only have to put down a refundable initial deposit of Rs. 1,500 upfront. The company said that customers can pay Rs. 500 when pre-ordering and the rest can be paid upon the delivery of the phone.The main aim of the launch of the JioPhone is to give the estimated 50 phone users who don’t have the access to 4G technology because of the high costs of smartphones. Continue reading “JioPhone”

Fidget Spinners: What’s the hype?

Fidget spinners are the newest toy-addiction plaguing among children and adults alike. It is a ball bearing gadget that consists of three propellers which rotate in cool patterns that are oddly soothing.

These low-tech gadgets are not just ordinary toys that you just spin around and do cool tricks with. They’re said to help those having conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These individuals often use fidgeting as a coping mechanism. It is believed that the hypotonic effect and the pleasing sensation created by fidget spinners is said to help relieve stress. Continue reading “Fidget Spinners: What’s the hype?”

Effects of Jio in India

The missed era is no more to be seen anywhere!

The launch of the disruptive new comer, jio networking services, in India by Reliance industries limited saw a new face in the USAGE OF INTERNET section. Mukesh Ambani, the person behind the scenes, launched jio in the early September 2016 and the drastic change immediately kicked off the grounds with a super start. According to statistics, there has been a relatively huge hike when we talk about the count of internet users in India. In 2015, the google showed up a result stating 27 % of the total population in India used the internet services. However, a recent analysis shows that the percentage of the population using the internet services has immensely risen to almost 35 % in the year 2016, thereby showing a tremendous increase of 8 % in a small span of one year. Continue reading “Effects of Jio in India”

Nokia came Back With New Release of Its Smart Phones

Nokia is a Finland Multinational communications, information technology and consumer electronic company whose headquarters are situated at Espoo, Finland. It was founded 152 years ago and has had various industries since its evolution. Nokia has been a major contribution to the mobile and telephone services industry having expertise and assisted in the development of the GSM, 3 G and LTE standards and for a certain period of time, it was one of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers, its dominance and kingdom also extending into the smart phones industry. But unfortunately, it fell behind with the advent and launch if the latest Iphones and Android smart phones into the market. After partnership with microsoft and market struggles, in 2014, Nokia’s “devices and service division” was bought up microsoft. After the sale of its mobile phone business, in 2016, Finnish company HMD Global bought a part of Microsoft’s feature phone business and has a licensing agreement that allows it to make smart phones under the Nokia Brand. Continue reading “Nokia came Back With New Release of Its Smart Phones”