Basic concept on money making from blogging

by Ranjan Barman

I never thought that I would write blogs one day and that will bring me money. I am currently running this website

First, I want to clear your concept on this subject. One can make money from blogging if he/she wants. If you open a free blog at WordPress like a platform and start writing articles on some topics and think that will bring you money then you are wrong. There is some tricks and information you need to know first.

There are two ways of blogging one, blogging from free platform and two, blogging from paid platform. Whether you choose free or paid option there are little different tactics for each.

If you are choosing free blogging option then you have to know about the advantages and disadvantages of it. will give you 3 GB free space and a subdomain with free themes and other facilities. Here you don’t have to think about the coding or any technical skills to publish your articles. This is really the biggest advantage for any starter. But as I told only publishing articles won’t bring you money. To make money from the blog one blogger’s basic target should be the advertisement and affiliate marketing. If you have chosen a free platform like WordPress then you can’t make money from popular advertise program Google AdSense. So, you have to depend on affiliate marketing.

So, the disadvantages are:

  1. No AdSense.
  2. No personal dot com.
  3. Limited space.
  4. Can’t use sidebar, header or footer for personal work.
  5. No personal email subscribers.
  6. No personal database.
  7. Can’t modify the design of your own if you have coding skills.
  8. No subdomains for a different purpose.

Advantages are:

  1. No monthly or yearly maintain fee.
  2. No yearly domain renewal.
  3. 3 GB space.
  4. Free themes.
  5. Can do affiliate marketing.

If you choose paid platform then you will get huge freedom than the free platforms.

But in paid platforms you will need little skills:

  1. You have to purchase a domain name (personal website name).
  2. You have to rent some space to keep the website files.
  3. You have to install WordPress application by yourself.
  4. You have to learn the use of free plugins.

Blogging is the basic trick to keep your followers engaged with your blog. You should remember a true follower equals to money.

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