Basic tips and ideas on WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a very popular hosting plan for both technical and non-technical people. We can look to WordPress hosting option in two ways.

  1. Only WordPress Hosting.
  2. WordPress Hosting using a panel.

If you select only WordPress hosting instead of panel hosting then there are some advantages and also some disadvantages that you should know.


You get 1,000 of free themes and plugins to use if you don’t want to buy premium themes or plugins though the same feature is available with the panel hosting plan if you download WordPress application on your hosting server.

You will get free daily backups & restore option available in most of the WordPress hosting platforms because you are paying for it. This option mostly excludes from the panel but you want it then you have to pay for it.

You will also get premium WordPress hosting platform that you don’t get in the panel.

You don’t have to update your WordPress by yourself.

Only WordPress hosting is very easier than panel hosting so it is good for starters.


Only WordPress hosting is costly than panel hosting as you can access some premium features with it.

If your website crosses 25,000 or 1,00,000 visitors in a month then you have to upgrade your WordPress basic plan where in most panels like Plesk, Cpanel you don’t have to face monthly visitor limitations.

You get low storage capacity (e.g 10/15 GB) with basic WordPress packages wherein panels you get 30 GB or more storage capacity with basic packages.

Some popular panel and WordPress hosting providers:

  1. Dreamhost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Godaddy

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