Why I deleted my three years of work today?

It was never too late to restart things correctly when you know that something was not right.

Posted by Ranjan Barman on June 30, 2017

I deleted my three years of work today from my website. It was never too late to restart things correctly when you know that something was not right. It was not that I did very hard work for my website. All I knew that my website was aimless. My mind wasn’t set about what I was doing and what I wanted from the site. I didn’t set any fixed goal for it. It was the mixture of everything. I would consider that the three years was my experimental and learning period. I faced so many problems and found out the solutions.

The decision I could take to delete all my past works because I realized that I have found out the real purpose of BLOGRATOR. It feels like I have completed my graduation in the subject of financial freedom and now I want to apply it.

Financial freedom is the dream of mine that I see through my open eyes. It is so real to me. In three years I made real money from internet. Sometimes the money was less then my salary and sometimes it was more than my salary. But it wasn’t enough to get freedom financially. I am 26 years old now and I need to work few more years seriously as a content developer. But it was really hard to work for passive source of income besides a fulltime salaried job. Creativity needs the peace of mind and proper environment.

After my graduation I started doing fulltime job. And I realized that job is not for me. I want to work for my happiness. I don’t want my work as a burden to me and my happiness.

In college I had no idea what I really want to do with my life and which career I wanted to choose. I didn’t know which job I have been made for. In one and half years I changed my job three times because if felt that I was doing something wrong and I didn’t belong there. I worked in different fields as soft skills trainer, web design and digital marketing trainer and guest experience manager and I didn’t felt satisfied about the works I was doing. I always run from the places I feel I don’t belong or get satisfied from the work I do.

I realized that when I work for myself like write an article for my website or working on my own business plans then I get real satisfaction that I never get from any other job. I want things under my control. I don’t want things that control my feelings.

I took a whole month off (June 2019) from all jobs and gave myself time to think what I want and how I want. Also this month I started writing a book on financial freedom that contains all my mistakes and successful stories and all truths about earning from internet to create a passive income source.

I really don’t regret about deleting all my past works from BLOGRATOR rather I am feeling happy that I could take the decision. I will again write and explain things more professionally but now with a goal.