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How to accept international payments?

by Ranjan Barman, January 14, 2018

I will come to the point but before that you need to know when do we required a platform to accept payments internationally?

  1. Suppose you have published an eBook kindle version on Amazon.
  2. Suppose You have started an eCommerce store that sells digital products or gives services to both national and international customers.
  3. You have joined any international Affiliate program.
  4. You are a freelancer.

There are few more reasons also.

#1 Money receiving from international companies:

I am going to start with the process when you are supposed to receive the payment from an international company and not an individual.

There can be many platforms that may help you to receive, convert and transfer the money to your local bank account but I will talk about the platform that I trust.

Suppose your product gets sold in a different country and the currency is different than your country then how will you receive the money into your bank account in your currency?

The answer is you need a bank account in that country to receive the money and then transfer it to your country. Do you think it is easy to open a bank account in other countries? No, it is not.

That’s why we depend on such a platform that helps us to open a checking bank account in that country. That is not a savings account. You can’t store money there. Those bank accounts are only used to receive the money. Below I have given some information about the rules to receive money from international companies.


Also JPY, CNH and some others currencies are there.

What can be the marketplaces?

These can be the marketplace where you need to provide the bank details of the same country to receive the money for the product that is sold.

Who will give you the service to open checking bank accounts in other countries?

I trust Payoneer. It opens a checking bank accounts in the countries. You get all the detailed account information depending on the country line bank name, account number, account type etc. Whenever your products get sold internationally then you receive the money in that country’s checking bank account and then the money comes to your payoneer account after that payoneer takes 2% of the amount that will be sent to your local bank account in your country.

Payoneer offers receiving accounts via the Global Payment Service, which enable you to receive local bank transfers from companies and marketplaces in the US, UK, EU, Japan, China, Canada and Australia directly to your Payoneer account.

You get paid in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD & CNY* – as if you had your own local bank account!

Open an account with payoneer #2 Money receiving from international individual/ website:

Suppose you are a freelancer and you work for your international individual clients then you need a platform to receive international payments. This time you are receiving money from a person and not a company. Though few companies send payment through the platform that I am going to talk about. To send and receive the money all you need is just an email address. You got it right I am talking about the most popular money transferring platform Paypal. Though in some countries Paypal couldn’t reach till now.

When you receive your payment into your bank account then it takes some little percentages as transaction fees,

Transaction fee structure

Sell on website, through invoice or email payments 4.4% + $0.30 USD
Selling on eBay 3.9% + $0.30 USD
International sales A currency conversion fee may apply.
Discounted rate for merchants You can apply for our discounted merchant rates when you meet a qualifying calendar monthly sales volume and keep your account in good standing order.
Open an account with paypal



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