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Long Term Relationship Secrets

Most of the relations start with a magical connection and end with a disaster. For the first few months the magic stays but then the magic starts to fade away, all the problems start from then. The negative points we can find out after few months in our partners. We quarrel, do break ups for some hours/days then again feel the magic and come closer. We think our partners will think, treat, behave, and act the same way as we think. We don’t know but unknowingly we force our decisions on our partners sometimes. We forget that all the people see, feel and live the world in a different way. Every life on this planet deserves freedom.

That’s why sometimes we don’t like our parents when they try to put their noses between our freedoms for good reasons. But unknowingly we try to become the parents of our partners. In a relationship we need someone who will be more than a friend and mental supporter. The partner should be very understanding that to whom there will be no need to keep any secrets. Because life takes us through many problems everyday and we need someone by our side at the end of the day (or all the time). And if we don’t find the mental support from the partner then we feel frustrated. And the relation between two hearts starts to die slowly. Because of the frustration we feel depression and to get rid of this problem people try to find out someone else who will understand them. When we get someone close to our heart then we start to give most of our time to the person secretly (or not secretly) while we are already in a relationship. It mostly happens when we give up on our partners that we can’t make him/her understand what we want from him/her. Also it may happen because there is a big maturity difference between two of them.

I believe a true relationship can only start at the right time and the right situation. One must wait for his/her turn to fall in love with the right person. Once love started then we have no control over it. So it’s important to think about future of the relation before you fall in love with someone (but it very rarely happens).

Every relationship has its different story. Respect is very important in a relationship from the both sides. In relationships “anger”, “ego”, “disloyalty”, “lies” and “keeping secrets” are the biggest enemies that can destroy a healthy relationship very easily.

That’s all I wanted to share from my experience. If my words hurt your sentiment then I am extremely sorry. All the thoughts are my own.

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