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Can we depend completely on online earning?

by Ranjan Barman, February 14, 2018

Making money online was my childhood dream. I remember when I was completing my 10+2 then I used to look for some solutions related to money making from Internet through Google search engine. That time I had no knowledge about “how to make money online” so whatever results I got I used to believe in them. I used to think that the online data entry jobs are the one and only way to make money from internet. But I was very wrong that time. As I had no earning source in my school life so I was looking for the ways to “make money from the internet without investments using a computer.” Yes, using a computer! That’s all I had then.

I worked at so many fraud websites for data entry jobs and I got nothing. But still I used to believe there must be some other ways to make money online. By the time I understood that making money online is not so easy and there is not an easy way.

I started reading so many articles, blogs and I came to know that there was something to do with website, blogging and affiliate marketing thing. So I focused on them completely. Also I understood that one can really earn from YouTube and self-publishing.

I wanted to earn some money to maintain my lifestyle in my school days. So I started teaching English grammar subject. But my focus never shifted from online earning. I became a popular English teacher in my locality in very short time. Teaching used to give me almost 6000-7000 INR (100$-130$) in the first year of my teaching career. I remember I used to invest almost 70% of my monthly earning on internet with the hope that I will know the real tricks of online earning.

I had purchased some domains with no proper planning. The first website I purchased was ystindia.com from godaddy. But I didn’t know what to do with the website. It was my fast semester in college and I used my website to write the answers of the previous year question papers. I also put there one donation button of my paypal account with the hope that someone will donate me for my work. But Alas! Nobody did. But I didn’t lose hope. I applied so many times for Adsense for my website and was rejected.

My struggle went on beside my studies. During the time I purchased another website with my name ranjanbarman.com because that time I was inspired by one popular blogger Rosalind Gardner and some others. Rosalind Gardner is a blogger cum author of some popular books like Super Affiliate Handbook. She had her website by her name http://rosalindgardner.com. So I decided to buy a website with my name.

This time I really wrote some articles on my personal experiences that I had. But also I was trying to get a short website name because I had intentions to hire some freelance bloggers to write contents for my website. As the website was on my name so it seemed little odd to me. I researched for months to get a perfect domain name but not the premium ones. Premium domains are usually very costly. On 7th May 2016 I bought blogrator.com at last. I was so lucky that I got it in just normal price. And I moved all my old articles to blogrator.com after few months. My request was approved by Google Adsense for content program after so many rejections for ranjanbarman.com

And then I was using the Adsense ads for blogrator.com. I make very little money from my website till now with Adsense ads.

Since 2016 I am working hard online to generate money besides my offline works. Money mainly comes from my offline works that I invest on my online activities. I have a long run vision for blogrator so I will be giving full force to it in the coming years. I have visions to make it full of contents with lots of visitors in future.

Whatever money I make online I am not satisfied with it. Definitely the online money helps me a lot when it is combined with my offline money. Sometimes I make more money from online than my day to day job and sometimes I make less.

So my offline day to day job always supported my online works. Like the same way the money from online helped me to invest and grow my offline business. Both of the works are supporting each another. The day may come one day when I can only depend on my online earning. And that day I will take leave from my day to day job.

So we can’t only depend on the online earning till the success. You can take your online activities as your part time job till it gives you enough support.

Thank you for reading.

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