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How much can you make from blogging?

by Ranjan Barman, May 28, 2017

In this article I will give you a calculation that will help you to decide how much you can make from blogging.

Also it depends on your experience, knowledge and writing skills on the topics that you will write.

You should always write the articles on the topics you know better. And after a while you will realize that most of your articles are focusing on some particular topics.

If you have just started your blog then it is hard to understand where to start and which topic to choose.

My advice to you is, give more time on exploring things and reading so many articles as you can on your interest.

When you are blogging then one more thing you have to keep in your mind that is, your blog should have a product or service output. Why is it important?

It is important because you can’t make money only writing articles.

When you post an article then the article brings visitors by interest.

And what the visitors will do you think? Do they only read your articles and go away? The answer is no!

They will read your blog and if they like them then they will regularly follow your posts. Make it sure your blog has proper follow option and also that is linked to your social media pages. After publishing an article must share it on your social media pages.

You regularly maintain the social media pages of your blog right?

So the regular visitors come again and again from the social media pages, your blog feed and subscribed emails. Also the unique visitors come through the search engine searches and some of them are becoming into your regular visitors.

It’s time to apply for an adsense account for your blog.

The visitors come, read and go. But this is not that simple you are thinking. The visitors spend some time reading your articles. And this is how you can make money by placing adsense ad codes to the proper places. Make sure there are not more than three adsense ads in your single page. And the ads are properly visible with the articles.

The adsense ads are actually the interest based ads for the visitors. So if your articles indicate any product or service then the visitors will see their interest based advertisement related to your topic. This way your adsense earning increases by your potential visitors as some of them will show interest on the ads.

This was the option A and now I will tell about option B. There should always be an option B.

Option B is the affiliate marketing of the brands. You can recommend your visitors to use a product or service in your writing. You have to be very attentive when recommending a product or service. You shouldn’t recommend your potential visitors for any harmful products or services. If you feel confident and satisfied about a product or service that you have used then mention all good and bad sides of it. This way you will win the trust of your visitors.

There are so many leading affiliate sites like Amazon associates, CJ affiliate, ShareASale and many more.

In the affiliate accounts you will get both the text and image link that you have to add in your writing very smartly.

For example: The <a href=”the affiliate html link”> product</a> that I have used is really good.

The more visitors you have the more sales you can make. This is not an easy job option. It may take two to five years to establish a blog. But once it is established it will give you golden eggs for the life time.

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