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How to make money from a blog?

by Ranjan Barman, February 14, 2018

There are two basic ways to make money from a blog. First and most effective one is affiliate marketing and second one is Google AdSense.

Sounds familiar and easy? No, it’s not that easy to make money from a blog as it sounds. Whether it is affiliate marketing or Google AdSense you will need good traffic in your website/blog.

This article can be considered as the second part of How can I earn money from blogging?

But how to get the traffic?

Traffic can be got in two ways organic and inorganic. Organic traffic is when your articles are visible in the search engines and the visitors are reaching your blog through the search results. The inorganic traffic can be got in two ways paid promotions and social media sharing.

It is the raw materials of your blog (called contents) that attracts the search engines to give you the organic traffic. Organic traffic is very important because you don’t have to pay for the traffic. But besides adding good contents in your blog you should know little technical skills called SEO.

What are the basics of SEO?

  1. Whether your have added your free/paid blog/website as property in Google Analytics.
  2. Whether you have confirmed your property in Google Search Console (webmasters tools).
  3. Whether you know how to use Google Search Console (webmasters tools)?
  4. Whether you have submitted your sitemap to Google.
  5. Whether you have requested Google for indexing and render for both www and non www versions, mobile and desktop versions, http and https versions.
  6. Have you confirmed whether you want www or non www version to be visible in Google search engine?
  7. Have you selected your targeted country?
  8. Have you used language tag in your every blog posts?
  9. Whether you know about Keywords and content writing strategy.

So if you can create (or hire content writers for) great SEO friendly contents then only the contents are not enough to give you good organic traffic. Now I will discuss about some paid promotions.

What are the paid promotions?

  1. Google Adwords and bing ads.
  2. Social Media Advertisements.
  3. Email Marketing.

You can also get traffics in your blog if you promote your entire blog or blog posts in search engines like google.com and bing.com through Google Adwords and Bing Ads like platforms. Then your blog or the articles will be visible at the top or bottom for some related search results (you can set the keywords at adwords). Also you can geographically target your audience. The traffics you get from the Search Engine Advertisements (SEA) are called paid inorganic traffic.

Social media advertisements are another way to get inorganic traffic in your blog. You may have seen in your facebook page there are boost options for every single post. Like that from twitter, linkedin, tumblr, instagram etc you can promote or boost your posts/tweets to hundreds, thousands of people geographically by paying some money (depends) to the platform.

Now comes email marketing. It is the spacial weapon that every blogger should give their full attention. Its not easy to grow subscription list by email. Experience and proper planning can help you grow your email list.

Why email list is very important for any blogger?

Growing email list is not only important for the bloggers but also companies. When a visitor subscribes your blog by email then the visitor will be notified by mail for every single post you publish after that. So from one side it is free promotion that brings back your old visitor again and again and that is the best promotion for your blog. But when you will grow huge subscribers list then it won’t be free anymore. If you use free emails like gmail, yahoo, outlook etc then the free mails have daily or monthly or hourly limitations for sending mail. So you can’t use your free mail to sent bulk mails to your subscribers. In that case you will need some professional platforms to send bulk mails. Those platforms charge some money depending on monthly limits.

My recommendation for bulk email sending is AWeber.

Why you need a professional email address to send new post notifications from your website?

If you don’t know what is a professional mail then here is an example,

mail@blogrator.com this is a professional mail for my registered domain blogrator.com

If you are thinking to send new post notifications with your free email then you never can win your customer’s trust. The free emails have no standard if you are representing whether your blog or business.

Besides if you send new post notifications to your subscribers from a free email like gmail, outlook then the subscriber may not recognize the sender. Also the subscriber may think the mail as spam and then report and unsubscribe it from your mailing list. It will be a big lose. So a free mail is not a solution to send new post notification to your subscribers. You will need a professional mail.

How to get a professional mail?

blogrator.com) from a hosting company (if you haven’t been already running your blog from your personal domain). If you are running a free blog then you can buy a similar like name of your blog. After purchasing a domain from a hosting company you can buy a professional mail of your domain name from there. Also google Suite provides you to get professional emails as many as you want in exchange of very little price.

I am describing here the steps how to do it:

Step 1: Buy a domain name from a hosting company ( Hostgator, Bluehost etc)

Step 2: Create a professional mail from Google Suite. (because it gives you lot more facilities besides a professional mail at the lowest price.)

Step 3: To send bulk mails to the subscribers (or to grow subscribers list) use bulk mail sending service AWeber

Now I will be talking about the social sharing option to grow your audience (free inorganic traffic) in your blog.

What is social media sharing?

  1. Sharing in the facebook page and timeline.
  2. Sharing in twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram like platforms.
  3. Making videos for your brand YouTube Channel on the blog topics.
  4. Writing answers in Quora and Yahoo answers like platforms.

Social media sharing is a very good option to get free inorganic traffic. I believe the social media platforms help to get traffic inside the platform. Like you may have seen that you get free likes followers and requests in your facebook, twitter or linkedin accounts. You need to create the accounts in social media with your blog/website name. And don’t forget to link your social media pages with your blog. Whenever you publish a new article then share it with those pages as soon as possible.

This way you will get all round traffic in your blog and that will help you to get commission from the products you recommend whenever there will be a purchase. And also you will earn some commission from the AdSense for Content Program.

Also read part 1 of this article: How can I earn money from blogging?

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