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How to start an online business and make money?

by Ranjan Barman, March 3, 2018

Any business with investments speed up very quickly if you have good management plans. Where business without investments may take little longer to generate revenues. But both of the ways can be very successful depending on business plan and marketing strategy.

To become a successful business you need an accurate long run plan, good focus, dedication, hardworking, honesty, flexibility, investments(of time, money, man power, good will etc) and proper knowledge on the field.

Basic questions that may come to your mind when you think to start a online business:

Well, I will answer all of the above mentioned questions in this article. There will be two main segments for every point these are,

  1. How to start an online business without investment?
  2. How to start an online business with investment?

#1 What will be the online business?

If you are a newbie then this question is very common for you like other newbies. I will clear your concept about starting an online business here. Online business can be something that can be sold whether it is physical or digital

Examples of physical products:

Toys, dresses, ornaments, gift items, bags and others.

Example of digital products:

Selling pictures (photography), selling articles, online teaching service, graphic design and other services.

You can buy the physical products from the local or online wholesale market. So if you want to start with selling physical products then you need to invest on your business whether you buy a single or dozen of items to sell first. People get confused about choosing an item category to start a business with. For the starter it is a test ride. So one starter should always start with a single type of category with small investment.

For example: Supposed you have decided to sell smartphone back covers. Then you have to do good research on the current market and demand very closely. Also you have to keep your eye on the new released smartphones. Nobody will tell you the secrets of a business. It must be you to go through the small experiments. Also you have to be smart enough to discover the secrets of a business from the business persons you are dealing with.

But if you got some talents like writing skills, photoshop, photography, animation, web design, singing and others then you can start your online business without investing on physical products. You can turn your skills into digital products and sell them using a free or paid platform.

For example, when you start reading an article or news on internet then basically you get attracted not only by the headline but also the picture. A creative photography or edited picture has a strong potential to grab the attention of a reader. That’s why a good graphic designer is on hot demand to the content creators. You can also sell your edited creative picture as an ebook or paperback book cover.

Whether you want to sell any physical or digital product/service you need a platform that is called a website. But you can’t do that with just a website. You will need an e-Commerce website where people can place an order and payment. You will need management software installed on your website. If you are unaware of the idea how can you get an e-Commerce site to start your business then the problem can be solved in two ways,

  1. Either you hire a web designer. or
  2. Learn how to create an e-commerce website.

Also there are free ways to start selling,

  1. From a free website – selling physical or digital product/service both possible.
  2. Using a freelancing platform – Only possible for selling digital product/service

#2 How to start an online business?

Basically to start an online business you need a platform free or paid.

Talking about paid:

If you are ready to invest on business then you can hire professionals for that. Like if you want to sell cloths online then you need to hire a web-designer first to create the e-commerce platform. You will need to buy a professional theme and some premium plugins according to the web designer to give your website a professional look. Then you need to buy clothes for men, women and children from a local or online wholesale markets or contact brands for that. Then you will need a photographer + photo editor who will capture the pictures of the dresses and edit them. After that the web designer will list your products on your e-commerce website. Next you will need to incorporate your business under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (for India) as you will sell your products in different states of your country. There are companies who provide the service where you can incorporate your business. It’s better to know about the laws of your country. So you need to consult with a lawyer for that. After that you will contact the companies who will give you the payment gateway facilities that you can integrate in your website to accept payments from customers. Also you need SEO analyst, digital marketing specialist and content developers to bring customers to your website. If you are looking for all in one then hire me.

Talking about free:

Option 1: You can open a free blog/website (Click here To know how to get a free website).

Using a free website it is possible to sell physical or digital product. But there will be so many limitations. Besides you can’t own the trust of your customer and become a brand. So it will be almost free if you buy a domain and hosting yourself and start selling your skills.

Option 2: You can search for popular freelancing platforms that suits you. There you can sell your skills as gigs and send proposal for works that you can do. You will get so many traffic related to your skills. And it is better free option than having a free or paid website. Once you get established there then your will have money to invest on your online business ideas.

#3 How to get customers online?

This is the most important topic for any online/offline business. Here you need to educate yourself about some technical topics or hire the experts.

You need to educate yourself on the topics like SEO friendly content development, SEO Techniques and digital marketing (email, social-media, search engine marketing etc). I have discussed on this topic in details here http://blogrator.com/how-to-make-money-from-a-blog/

# 4 Why the visitors will buy products/services online from me when there are popular platforms available?

You must know how to become a familiar face or brand. Consider a YouTuber who has thousands of subscribers who blindly follow him. So it will become very easy if he recommends a T-shirt or any product to his subscribers that he sells. For example I love to watch popular YouTuber Casey Neistat who recently started selling his own T-shirt from his website


There are also other options available like technical parts that relates to the previous question. Please follow the link from the previous question where I have given every possible details.

# 5 How to accept payments and orders from customer?

You need to integrate online payment gateway in your website. If you are using e-commerce platform then it will be very easy by installing some plugins. But you must have accounts at the payment gateway service providers like paypal(to receive from individuals), payoneer(to receive from international companies) and others. Like in India there are some national payment gateway service providers if you sell inside the country but for international customers paypal will be needed.

Thank you for reading.

For any technical support please contact me.

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