Posted on Jan 09, 2020

OPPO F11 & OPPO F11 Pro:

OPPO was founded 18 years ago by Chen Mingyong. For very first time OPPO tops the Chinese smart phones market. First the Chinese company OPPO produced OPPO smarts phones.

This Company produce various series of OPPO phones, the series are: OPPO F Series OPPO A Series OPPO Find Series OPPO N Series OPPO R Series Reno Series OPPO K Series

As we know that OPPO F11 and OPPO F11 pro both mobile are F series mobile. Now let us talk about F11 and F11 Pro both smartphone was launched four month ago I mean March 2019.

“The OPPO F11 & F11 Pro both are the best looking and affordable OPPO Smartphone available in India.”

OPPO F11 comes with 6.50 inch touchscreen display whereas F11 Pro comes with 6.53 with 1080*2340, its really a big display with best resolution.

Now talk about RAM F11 is 4GB of RAM whereas F11 pro comes with 6GB of RAM. Both F11 and F11 Pro runs on 9.0 and talk about battery F11 is powered by 4020mAh battery whereas F11 Pro is powered by 4000mAh battery. Talk about Charging system both F11 and F11 Pro supports VOOC fast charging.

Taking about camera boths cameras quality is so beautiful. Both rear camera has two part, one is primary camera that is 48MP and another is secondary camera that is 5MP and these rear camera setup has autofocus.

Both F11 and F11 Pro supports 16MP of front camera for selfie. Both F11 and F11 Pro runs on ColorOS 6.0 based on Android 9.0 and inbuilt storage is 128.

The connectivity option on the OPPO F11 Pro include Wi-Fi 802. 11 b/g/n, GPS and Micro USB with active 4G on both SIM cards. Ambient light sensor, compress proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor.

It was lunched in Aurora Green, Thunder Black and Waterfall colours. Talking about price, the price of OPPO F11 Marbel Green is 16,990 in Flipkart and Amazon in India, OPPO F11 Fluorite Purple is 16,250 in Amazon in India and 16,990 in Flipkart whereas OPPO F11 Pro Thunder Black is 21,990 in Flipkart and 20,999 in Amazon in India.


The performance of camera is too good. So smart camera. High features of camera. A combining of 48MP+5MP Dual Rear Camera, primary camera is 48MP and the secondary camera is 5MP and these rear camera setup has autofocus.

This front camera is large image sensor. There is large aperture in the front camera. OPPO use AI algorithm to set up the image processing. It is so good that the phone captures the photo with professional and give the best output that has never so easy

Taking about OPPO F11 Pro the rising camera is placed in the middle to avoid distorted image when placed on the side and its front camera makes the selfies professionally that looks more natural.

There is a Low light photography that is the Ultra-clear engine applies image stabilization for the long exposure times where enhancing skin tone in low-light condition.

Pop-Up selfie camera: The OPPO F11 Pro is the first OPPO smartphone to lunch in India with a Pop-Up selfie camera. The most beautiful and best feature of the F11 Pro is there is 16 MP of Pop-Up selfie camera.

This camera can take decent photos with close to accurate skin tone. The dynamic range of this phone is too good. Here the main and vital feature is intelligent Auto-Reaction protects the Camera during falls. Company generates at least 5 years usage guarantees.

Ultra Night Mode:

There is an efficient AI algorithm used in this mobile that performs very well. This AI Ultra-clear engine consist of the AI engine, Ultra-Clear engine and colour Engine which delivers the perfect Ultra Night Mode.

With the F11 Pro Ultra Night Mode, you can now capture amazing dark night scenes of the city, sunsets, parties and dinners without compromising on the quality of your photo. You can even combine Ultra Night Mode with Dazzle Color mode to create more colourful night shots.

In hand-hand mode we offer MFNR for four pictures of equal exposure and HDR in three under exposed pictures. The camera takes seven shots. So how we use the Ultra Night Mode in F11 Pro, at first open the camera app then choose the Night mode then you can start capturing the perfect moment of your life.

A Brilliant Portrait:

In depth study into face recognition, features and skin tone combined with an advanced algorithm intelligently distinguishes the portrait from the background.

Color and Finish:

There is two basic color available in market they are Fluorite Purple and Marble Green. Both are beautiful to see and colors are awesome. The all new symmetrical design features a Waterdrop Screen and signatures OPPO gradient color.

The OPPO F11 Pro is one of the best looking and affordable Oppo Smartphone available in India. The entire outer case of the smartphone is made using polycarbonate material, which is soft to touch and also shatters resistance.

Dazzle Color Mode:

Dazzle Color Mode is made possible with the AI engine and color Engine. OPPO F11 Equipped with a unique mapping curve to restore brightness and colors to your pictures. Actually dazzle color mode identifies the scene of the photo and restore the real details, brightness and colors with help of AI technology. Skin tones are processed separately from the background to make the images seem more natural.

This mode works best for early morning, sunset, indoor and low-light shots. So how to turn on it on your phone, at first you will open the camera app and tap Dazzle color mode on the top of your screen. You are all set to shoot photos with a dash of dazzle. Note that you can combine Dazzle Color Mode with Ultra Night Mode.

Panoramic screen:

The F11 Pro features a 16.5 cm (6.5 inch) panoramic screen design with 90.90% screen ratio. The uninterrupted screen space makes for ultimate viewing pleasure.

Leading as the industry’s first smartphone with ink filling technology, the OPPO F11 Pro comes in Thunder Black or Aurora Green rear designs to add a luxurious touch.The logo and the camera are now cantered.

No problem create in sunlight. It viewing under direct sunlight. And we already know there is Pop-Up selfie camera that means the front of the mobile totally occupied by the screen. The front dominated by edge-to-edge, and there is 6.5 inch screen. This is comfortable to play videos and games like PUBG.

Waterdrop Screen:

The F11 waterdrop screen for ultimate viewing pleasure with 90.70% screen ratio.


The performance of this phone is so good, game performance is too good. The OPPO F11 and F11 Pro both get a Smooth performance whether you are playing game, using an app and you can access multiple number of apps at the same time.

The performance enhanced software and hardware and hardware assist you for every day. The most important think is there is a FFC algorithm where VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 can maintain high charging speed during trickle charging period. VOOK 3.0 reached full charge 20 min faster than its precious version.

Battery is also awesome large battery to power through the whole day. There is P70 CPU that powered by Hello P70, the upgraded 2.1GHz processor best performance for fluidity and responsiveness.

There is largest storage space saves everything you need. Hyper Boost accelerates performance when needed independently adjusting for games, apps and operating system. Average Frame rate is 59.7. The F11 Pro changes the whole gaming experience with its built in Hyper Boost technology that accelerates performance for smoother gaming.

There are driving and riding modes under Smart Driving in setting. While driving Mode ready on your phone for a Bluetooth connection inside a vehicle, enabling riding mode mutes all notifications except incoming calls. The phone can handle multitasking easily with no problem with battery or charging system. We can watch back to back film, videos on the devices.