Why OPPO K3 is the best smartphone among the competition?

Posted on Jan 09, 2020


Hey, are you know OPPO was the top brand smartphone in China in 2016. And the worldwide rank of OPPO was 8. It’s good to know that OPPO was founded 18 years ago by Chen Mingyong.

For very first time OPPO tops the Chinese smart phones market. First the Chinese company OPPO produced OPPO smarts phones. This Company produce various series of OPPO phones, the series are:

 OPPO F Series
 OPPO A Series
 OPPO Find Series
 OPPO N Series
 OPPO R Series
 Reno Series
OPPO K Series

Now recently OPPO lunched one of K series mobile that is OPPO K3. Actually the K series mobiles mainly focused on gamming perspective. The K1 and K3 these two are the K series mobile available in OPPO, K1 was lunched on previous year that is October 10, 2018.

“The OPPO K3 is a feature-packed device which offers a complete smartphone experience to the users”

Now on May 2019, the OPPO K3 was lunched officially but available in market via Amazon in India from 24th July of 2019. Actually OPPO K3 is upgrade version of OPPO K1. Few features and some hardware are upgrades in OPPO K3 note.

In China, OPPO k3 was offered with upto 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. In India this mobile already lunched on 24th July by Amazon India with same features.

Wow OPPO K3 is a replica of Realme X. OPPO K3 comes with similar specification as Realme X but little bit downgraded camera, performance and storage. The price in India of OPPO K3 is 20,000.

The OPPO K3 comes with features of 6.5 inch AMOLED display with full HD and resolution. OPPO K3 comes with Snapdragon 710 chipest inside along with two variants 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

OPPO K3 supports dual camera setup at the back side. The primary camera is 16MP, sensor with f/1.7 aperture and the secondary camera is 2MP, sensor with f/2.4 aperture.

 The interesting fact is the selfie camera comes out through Pop-Up mechanism. OPPO K3 supports 3765mAh battery with VOOC 3.0 support.


The performance of camera is too good. So smart camera. Realme X and OPPO k3 both mobile has dual cameras. Where in Realme X the primary camera is 48 MP and 5 MP with depth, but in OPPO K3 the primary camera is 16 MP and 2MP with depth sensor.

The app interface is in both mobiles. It is too good that the camera in OPPO K3 supports nightscape mode for low light shot. There is Dazzle mode colours in photos that increasing the saturation.

Seriously the photo quality is too good and mixed bag. The day-light photo of this phone generate the dynamic range and colours. When you clicking close-up shot the camera of this phone focus smoothly as well as low-light photo generate the average colour.

Here the rising/ lowering speed is 0.74 sec. It supports the face recognition system and is so faster only in 0.25 sec it recognize your face and open the system.

Pop-Up selfie camera:

There is 16MP Pop-Up front camera. This camera can take decent photos with close to accurate skin tone. The dynamic range of this phone is too good. Here the main and vital feature is intelligent Auto-Reaction protects the Camera during falls. Company generates at least 5 years usage guarantees.

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock:

In OPPO K3 there is a hidden key fingerprint unlock system. We see the key in the bottom of the display of the screen of this mobile. By touch the bottom of screen it lock the screen within 0.30 sec.

And the speed is very fast, there is 28.5%. There is an efficient AI algorithm that create this phone faster accurate unlocking system. This feature is unique in this generation. And people need this feature in this days.

3D Sleek Unified Body:

The most beautiful look in this mobile is the body. So amazing body you don’t believe until you touch the body of this phone. There is top quality design in body and many combination of colour play on the body when we rotate the mobile.

The flawless 3D and the radian shape are designed to fit your hand. There is two basic colour available in market one is Aurora Blue and another is Jade Black. Taking about price Aurora Blue and Jade Blake both’s price are same that is 16,990 in Amazon in India.

Panoramic screen:

Taking about screen the screen is so pretty bright. No problem create in sunlight. It viewing under direct sunlight. And we already know there is Pop-Up selfie camera that means the front of the mobile totally occupied by the screen.

The front dominated by edge-to-edge, and there is 6.5 inch screen. This is comfortable to play videos and games like PUBG. The display is AMOLED panel that generate good viewing angles.

Another advantage of AMOLED screen is we get the display fingerprint scanner that we already discuss. Here the Screen to body ratio is 91.1%. Gorilla glass 5 available and the eye protection is designed for more comfortable and easy to reading in night.


The performance of this phone is so good, game performance is too good. This phone process on a Snapdragon 710 SoC and comes with either 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage or 8GB of EAM and 128 GB of storage. We cannot expend the memory storage in this phone. 64GB is enough to fill the memory in a few years. The general performance is good there is no overheating and video games runs smoothly.

Dobly Atoms speaker is available for sound then the sound quality is too good and improves the sound quality. It works great for day to day tasks as well as gamming.

PUBG game process smoothly on high graphics setting and interesting fact is we don’t fetch while we will work multiple platform at the same time. The maximum operating frequency is 2.2 GHz. There is LPDDR4X Dual Channel Memory, 14% of higher efficiency, 63.66% improved continuous read performance, 26.64% improved random writing performance and 15% improved peak performance.

Day by day it is useful in popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook and many more playing HD game, HD video but one think is OPPO K3 does not disappoint for these. There is 3765mAh battery with VOOC flash charge 3.0, this is C type charging, there is fast charging system and we can fell safely and reliably when we play any game or videos.

Here VOOC 3.0 use a new VFC charging algorithm to reach full power 25% faster than previous generation. The charging time decreased by 25%. We can use the mobile whole day without needing a charge. You can run continue more than 4 hours by playing PUBG game, videos on YouTube for 40 minutes.

Speed is everything in the gaming world. The all new Game Boost 2.0 units OPPOs original frame. Sound quality is awesome, OPPO k3 uses 3D sound effects to create a movie-quality audio entertainment that immerses you in sound from all sides. OPPOs original colour OS6 a wonderful liberating mobile experience.

There is auto call recording you want to call recording. There is 3.5mm jack with the phone, there is inbuilt screen recording and dual app. It support slow motion record. We can place volte video call directly from network. It take about only 20 minute to charge full.