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How to make money from YouTube?

by Ranjan Barman, January 8, 2018

I was about to start making YouTube videos at the starting of the year in 2015. Then I had so many unsorted questions on my mind. I used to think making YouTube videos was not possible without a digital camera. I didn’t have money to buy a digital camera for myself that time. So I asked to my father to buy me a digital camera. I was so excited then because I used to think I will make lots of money instantly from YouTube by making tutorial videos. The first camera I bought for making YouTube videos was Nikon coolpix. In this article I am sharing my story how I started my YouTube career, the mistakes I made and what kind of problems I faced.

I thought the camera would solve all of my problems. That’s the most of new YouTubers thought. Later I understood I needed a tripod (camera stand). I found out that Simpex 333 Tripod is cheap, reliable and popular. I purchased the tripod. All things were set and it was time to make YouTube videos. I fixed my mind to make some tutorial videos in my native language. That was the thing that I felt very confident about myself. So I made my first YouTube tutorial video “English grammar in Bengali, Part 1” And here I faced my first problem. The video I made with my new digital camera was almost 17 mutinies long that took the size of almost 3 GB. So I had to convert the size of the video. Also I had to purchase Duracell pencil batteries for my camera. The price of the batteries is higher than normal batteries. The camera doesn’t work with normal batteries. Later I solved the problem with powerful rechargeable batteries with charger. But I can never ignore Duracell whenever I got so many works to do with the camera.

Truly saying it took me almost 2 years to reach to the first 100 dollars. That is the minimum threshold for Adsense. Adsense is a place where every month’s revenues from YouTube and website (AdSense for content) are stored. In two years I learned a lot about making YouTube videos. I started understanding the demand of the traffic that had been coming to my channel.

Also I found that YouTube is a platform where monetizing videos was not one and only option to make money. Affiliate marketing (selling other’s product) is the second popular option to make money from your YouTube videos. You may have seen many YouTubers put product’s links of Amazon or other websites in their video description. So when a viewer goes through the link and makes a purchase then the YouTuber gets commission. In this article also you will find I have added some links of the products that I have used. That links will take you to Amazon and if you make a purchase then I will get commission. These links carries tracking ids of the affiliate users. My id is blogrator-21 that you will find out if you click on the link. These links only give you commission if viewers make a purchase else you won’t earn commission for link clicks. But the google ads depend on views and clicks. Never ever click or tell someone to click on your own ads. If you do so then your Adsense account may be suspended for months even years.

I share all my earning information in one of my YouTube channels “Monthly Dollars”.

So, I was making YouTube tutorial videos in Bengali language. That’s why the traffic and subscribers I was gaining from only West Bengal (Indian state) and Bangladesh. Later I started another channel by the request form one of my subscriber “Learn Bengali from English”. Yes, you can create so many channels for different purpose on YouTube and all the separate channels will be linked to your single email address. You don’t need to open separate Adsense account for that. There will be only one Adsense account for all of your channels and websites.

From the name of my second channel you can guess that here I upload tutorial chasses in English Language. That’s why this channel gets viewers and subscribers from worldwide. Also the channel gets higher revenue than my previous channel.

As I was making only tutorial videos so every time either I used my whiteboard or paper and pen to record the class. I also was taking online classes so I was looking for a solution that could help me to write on my computer screen. My problem was solved by one digital pen tablet.

The tablet made my work very easy. I started recording my tutorial classes with screen recording software.

Getting perfect screen recording software was not easy though. I went through a tough time and at last I got these amazing screen recorders.

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