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Blogrator shopping is an online shopping site where you can purchase your daily used resources very swiftly. The resources consists of raw vegetables, fresh meet-fish-egg, including all grocery shopping items.

This service was started on 27th March by Ranjan Barman and till then it didn’t stop. Blogrator shopping provides you a very easy way to stop. You choose the products which you want to buy and send us a message . We will deliver the products very safely to your home.

You can order by :

  1. Choosing the product which you want to buy
  2. There a number will be provided to you
  3. WhatsApp the list you want to buy
  4. Then give your NAME, FULL ADDRESS, and your alternative mobile number by which we can contact you in case we couldnot connect to your provided number.
  5. Your order will be delivered within 1 hour !
  6. Cash on delivery (COD) is available. Online payment is available as well.
    Blogrator shopping also provides online payment after delivery.

Blogrator shopping is the best option in this COVID-19 lockdown. Our delivery candidates are using all the safety precautions which are stated by the government like hand sanitizer, gloves and mask. They are maintaining social distance with every customer they meet.

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