Budget karate products for karate students

Budget karate products for karate students

I am in the picture with uniform. The picture was taken in 2012. There is a boy in the picture who is holding the pad his name is Sukumar Jha. He is one of my karate students. Karate is one of my favorite hobbies. I have been practicing karate since my childhood. As a child then I had no access to such beautiful products that I can get now from online. I started teaching karate when I was 16 years old. Now I stopped teaching it because I have become very busy in my works. But whenever I get some time I practice it. Also with a good vision I started a YouTube channel. I believe with time I will be able to share all my skills of Self-defense. Also I started a facebook page to stay connected with all karate loving people. In this article I have shared some of my photos from those days. Also I have recommended some products that can be a karate student’s dream like mine.

This is my another picture. This picture was taken by my girlfriend Ananya Basak in 2016.

In this picture I am receiving my belt certificate in 2015.

Here I am standing with one of my teachers Gopal Sir (right side in uniform), who is no more.

Karate + BOXING HEAD guard

Leather Head Guard

Boxing chest protection with Velcro grip belt
Small Size for 8 – 15 years


Strong Rough Punching Bag 36 Inch With Punching Bag Gloves (Heavy Bag)

Segolike Rectangle Taekwondo Boxing Training Pad

Karate-Boxing mma thai kick pad

Curved Arm Leg Pad
Kick Boxing Strike Focus Punch Shield

Karate Foot Guards

Leg Guard

Karate punching Pad

Karate Focus Pads Curved

Focus Pad Curved

leather Curved Kicking + Punch Pad | 19 x 25.5cm

Karate Kick Target + Punch

Double Kick Pad

Double Kick Pad Target

Double Kicking Pad

Wooden Nunchaku

10 inch Hard Iron Nunchuck