Can we depend completely on online earning?

Making money online was my childhood dream. I remember when I was completing my 10+2 then I used to look for some solutions related to money making from Internet through Google search engine. That time I had no knowledge about “how to make money online” so whatever results I got I used to believe in them. I used to think that the online data entry jobs are the one and only way to make money from internet. But I was very wrong that time. As I had no earning source in my school life so I was looking for the ways to “make money from the internet without investments using a computer.” Yes, using a computer! That’s all I had then.

I worked at so many fraud websites for data entry jobs and I got nothing. But still I used to believe there must be some other ways to make money online. By the time I understood that making money online is not so easy and there is not an easy way.

I started reading so many articles, blogs and I came to know that there was something to do with website, blogging and affiliate marketing thing. So I focused on them completely. Also I understood that one can really earn from YouTube and self-publishing.

I wanted to earn some money to maintain my lifestyle in my school days. So I started teaching English grammar subject. But my focus never shifted from online earning. I became a popular English teacher in my locality in very short time. Teaching used to give me almost 6000-7000 INR (100$-130$) in the first year of my teaching career. I remember I used to invest almost 70% of my monthly earning on internet with the hope that I will know the real tricks of online earning.

I had purchased some domains with no proper planning. The first website I purchased was from godaddy. But I didn’t know what to do with the website. It was my fast semester in college and I used my website to write the answers of the previous year question papers. I also put there one donation button of my paypal account with the hope that someone will donate me for my work. But Alas! Nobody did. But I didn’t lose hope. I applied so many times for Adsense for my website and was rejected.

My struggle went on beside my studies. During the time I purchased another website with my name because that time I was inspired by one popular blogger Rosalind Gardner and some others. Rosalind Gardner is a blogger cum author of some popular books like Super Affiliate Handbook. She had her website by her name So I decided to buy a website with my name.

This time I really wrote some articles on my personal experiences that I had. But also I was trying to get a short website name because I had intentions to hire some freelance bloggers to write contents for my website. As the website was on my name so it seemed little odd to me. I researched for months to get a perfect domain name but not the premium ones. Premium domains are usually very costly. On 7th May 2016 I bought at last. I was so lucky that I got it in just normal price. And I moved all my old articles to after few months. My request was approved by Google Adsense for content program after so many rejections for

And then I was using the Adsense ads for I make very little money from my website till now with Adsense ads.

Since 2016 I am working hard online to generate money besides my offline works. Money mainly comes from my offline works that I invest on my online activities. I have a long run vision for blogrator so I will be giving full force to it in the coming years. I have visions to make it full of contents with lots of visitors in future.

Whatever money I make online I am not satisfied with it. Definitely the online money helps me a lot when it is combined with my offline money. Sometimes I make more money from online than my day to day job and sometimes I make less.

So my offline day to day job always supported my online works. Like the same way the money from online helped me to invest and grow my offline business. Both of the works are supporting each another. The day may come one day when I can only depend on my online earning. And that day I will take leave from my day to day job.

So we can’t only depend on the online earning till the success. You can take your online activities as your part time job till it gives you enough support.

Thank you for reading.

3 Famous Strategies Behind Making Money Online

Earning money online is everyone’s desire and if we have a right guidance,we can achieve a lot just by knowing few tricks and methodologies in online.I started my blog as a passion ,and now I am gaining a lot from this website with my own strategies.I take this opportunity to share my methods and strategies to earn huge money from websites.All you need is a laptop and desktop to start your online business.

The good news is that the majority of online strategies are not much complicated. Like any other  business, your online income takes time to grow. You should be able to spend time required to get your idea and c website.You should have uniqueness in your idea and should have your own identity to stand ahead of all competetors.

If you’re ready to start right away but are not sure where to start, here are two best and most realistic strategies to consider:

#1: Google Adsense

You must have come across Google ads. Adsense ads are shown in the websites that participate in the Google Adsense program.Before I go ahead I would like to address the difference between google adsense and google adwords.

Adsense is a publishers platform i.e. those people who want to show google adsense. The environment for advertisers i.e the people who want to advertise their products or in  Google services, is Google Adwords.

Google AdSense is very easy to get set up. If you have a blog or website, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense Account. From there, Google will give you a code that you will  need to paste onto your website. This is a very important step because as chances are there that your application may not be accepted.During this step and until you are fully approved, adsense ads are not visible to your website but they are by default hidden.  Ads will start to show and you will get paid for the clicks,if your application is accepted.

The next process in the application process is to add your payment information so that you receive payment. Kindly note that before you get any money from Adsense, Google will verify your residential address by sending you an envelope with a unique code hence be sure that the details you provided for your postal address are accurately given by you.

When you are a verified adsense user, you can login to your dashboard and create new ad units. After that you will be given a code (javascript) to enter in your website where you want the particular ad to appear.

How much money you can make from adsense depends on the amount of traffic your website receives, type of traffic, number of advertisers, type of content on your website, position of your adsense ads.

#2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the famous forms of marketing where you refer someone to any product online and when the referred person buys the product based on yourreference, you will get a commission.

Affiliate programs are normally offered by many online companies and is setting a new trend . You can simply sign up for the program and get your unique link or ID. Now, you can simply use this special tracking link or ID to recommend the company’s site,if you are reviewing about their company’s products, and if your readers buy anything, you will get a commission.

Other than signing up for individual affiliate programs, you can also sign up for an affiliate  network of ad that offers many of different affiliates in one single place. This helps you to analyse which is best to choose and which is not.


#3: Facebook Instant Article:

Facebook Instant Articles is one of the leading solutions in market for quick loading of mobile content and improvement of user experience.

Generating revenue in Facebook Instant Articles is based on four main aspects:

  1. direct-sold ads

2.the location of advertising

3.Audience Network, the advertising network for media that do not use the entire inventory

  1. branded content.

Now let us see,how to earn using fb instant articles,If you have a facebook page account and a website or blog,you are all set to start.

It uses RSS feed articles from your blog or website and places its ads on it.

And when you publish an article, it automatically updates on production articles, and you can post it on your facebook page.

When viewers read your instant article, you start earning money, and when you cross your 100$ threshold, you get paid.

Steps for Facebook Instant article setup:

      1.Sign Up:

As  a first step you need to have signed up for Facebook and own an active account, after that sign up for instant articles. Once this is in place, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Choose FB Page:

The next thing after sign up is to either create a page if you do not have or to choose a page if you have an existing Facebook page.

  1. Connect your page:

The next thing to do is to show proof of ownership of your website by providing the URL you would like to use, and after that, you’ll be given a metadata tag that you can place in your HTML tag, and then you can add the URL to your setting. When you get to the settings, you’ll see simple steps you can follow.

  1. Production RSS Feed:

It is used to auto-load your articles from your blog or website.If you are using WordPress, you can download instant article plugin which will create your RSS feed URL.

  1. Make Your content:

The next thing for you to do is to start creating your content. You can create your content on your website and right away start your publishing directly to your Facebook page.

You have to submit at least ten articles for your review process, after that when you verified you could place ads and publish.

If you are using WordPress, just submit your page id and ad code, and it automatically places ads in production library article.

  1. Audience Network:

Next question is how to get ad code, for that you need to create an account on audience networks.When you submit RSS feed url, next to that you will see audience network and create an account.You need to sign up for Audience network and fill your payment method.

  1. Review:

This is the final stage.  Where you have to submit your work to Facebook for final approval so that your content can go live. The standard review time is usually between one to two days.Once review completes ,you can earn money instantly.

Please free to call us for any queries related to above 3 concepts.

So if you well versed in these three areas,you’ll be soon making lot of money from it.

All the best for your Online Business Dudes..!!!



How to make money from a blog?

There are two basic ways to make money from a blog. First and most effective one is affiliate marketing and second one is Google AdSense.

Sounds familiar and easy? No, it’s not that easy to make money from a blog as it sounds. Whether it is affiliate marketing or Google AdSense you will need good traffic in your website/blog.

This article can be considered as the second part of How can I earn money from blogging?

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How can I earn money from blogging?

What is a blog?

A blog is a kind of a website where we share our knowledge, emotions and experiences through writing. Basically a blog can be easily maintained with popular CMS applications like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Quota etc. CMS stands for Content Management System. These web applications manage the contents that we publish in our blog. The best part is we don’t need to learn any coding to run the blog on CMS platform.

These CMS applications can be classified into two categories, Open source and closed source. The open source CMS web applications can be installed on any web hosting servers that we purchase to host our personal domain.

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Why and when should you start a YouTube channel?

There is no age limit to open a YouTube account and upload videos. In this article I will describe it properly why you should be on YouTube.

There can be many reasons depending on people, so ask yourself first why do you want to be on YouTube? 

  1. To earn some money
  2. You want the world to know you (as you)
  3. You want to share your ideas
  4. You want to build your own community.

Whatever the reason is take your time, find your interests and watch what other YouTubers said about the topic. YouTube Creator Academy got your back though. When you feel ready then start your journey without wasting more time. I have heard many YouTubers to say “why didn’t I start creating earlier?”

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