Things you need to know about organic farming

Written by: Uma saraswathy

Combining high levels of biodiversity with the environmental practices – this is what exactly organic farming is. With organic farming you are actually going deep green from being green. This clearly means that you are only using the fertilizers, pest control methods and most importantly the farming techniques which does not cause even a 1% harm to the environment. These are pure environment friendly procedures. The ecological balance is very well maintained here. When you are into organic farming, you are doing agriculture for medium to long periods.

Organic farming can be considered as the mass development in the agriculture field. The problems caused regarding conventional farming are completely changed here. Also this is not just a matter of farming. Along with the natural way in nurturing the crops, you can also rear the animals in the same way. The ecological balance including the water purity ( not causing any pollution as only natural methods are used) as well as the soil fertility is very well conserved here. Instead of the technology using the genetically modified organisms, natural decomposers and household compost waste are utilized here. There are many procedures involved in organic farming. The crop rotation process, green manuring, usage of organic waste as a crop fertilizer, activities regarding the biological pest control, rock and mineral additives are all the different principles used in organic farming.

It is better to avoid the chemical fertilizers as well as petrochemical pesticides. The association called the International Federation Of Organic Agricultural Movements was formed in 1972 in order to raise the awareness regarding the importance of organic farming over the other conventional farming methods. Also the standard procedure as well as the goals of organic farming was clearly set at the international level. The goals are described below.

Sustaining the fertility of soil, and the health of ecosystems as well as people is what organic farming actually aims at. The ecological processes and the biodiversity is concentrated here. A combination of tradition as well as innovation with modernization techniques are blended perfectly to promote a good quality of life – this is the exact explanation for organic farming.

Organic farming techniques are always encouraged because of its feature rich style. The farmer only needs to use less energy ( maybe about 30 % or even less) and also it is beneficial to soil, and more safer for the people’s lifestyle. The seasonal crops are mostly considered in organic farming as for its growth every climatic conditions will turn out to be supportive.

It is the duty of each and every individual to come forward with the ideas of organic farming. You can start by cultivating the crops naturally in the backyard of your house. It is also necessary to show your support to the farmers doing organic farming. Conducting campaigns and seminars regarding the importance of organic farming are very well appreciated. It is always better to grow and nurture naturally and not chemically isn’t it?