How to make money as a blogger?

There are two basic ways to make money from blogging. First and most effective one is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way to recommend other people’s product through your daily writing. To do that you have to select a particular place where you can’t write on any topic you want. To become as a successful blogger you need to select your particular interest. Suppose you love dogs and you can write few words about them. So now you need to start writing articles about dogs in a particular place that is called a blog/website.

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How I moved from a free wordpress blog to

Whether you are planning to move form a free blog to a paid website or directly opening a paid website there are things that you have to remember those are described in this article.

You have to find a suitable name for your website. It is not so easy to get a perfect website name as most of them are already sold. You shouldn’t buy a lengthy name as it will be very hard to remember and painful to type.

It was not so easy to me to find “blogrator” and also it wasn’t the first domain that I purchased. I am just lucky that I got blogrator. I planed long to get a short domain. It was a lot of paperwork for me.

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How much can you make from blogging?

In this article I will give you a calculation that will help you to decide how much you can make from blogging.

Also it depends on your experience, knowledge and writing skills on the topics that you will write.

You should always write the articles on the topics you know better. And after a while you will realize that most of your articles are focusing on some particular topics.

If you have just started your blog then it is hard to understand where to start and which topic to choose.

My advice to you is, give more time on exploring things and reading so many articles as you can on your interest.

When you are blogging then one more thing you have to keep in your mind that is, your blog should have a product or service output. Why is it important?

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The passive source of money

Internet is the place where we can create our passive source of money. Most of the people think to create a passive source besides their active income. It is called passive income because you don’t need to give that much effort that you give to the active source to generate money. The money you generate from your passive source is very little compared to your active source. But you don’t need to keep focusing on the passive side and the amount increases time to time.

Passive earning is like you are making money with the works that you did once.

For example: You created a YouTube channel and uploaded 5 videos on cooking. Then you applied for Adsense program and your request was approved. Now your videos started

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