The proposal I sent for a digital marketing freelancing project

There are some popular freelancing platforms where we can get work related our professional skills. If we are using free account then we have limited proposal sending opportunity. We have to use them carefully. There are so many works we can see are available. But all jobs are not real. There are so many fake people are sitting to get work done for free. We have to be very selective for the jobs. We must check the client’s profile. Like the numbers of projects were submitted and how many were paid of them. Also we have to look the total amount that the client has spent. These things matters whether you can trust the client or you looses one proposal or been cheated. We must be focus on the job that matches with our professional skills and send the proposal with proper information.

The proposal I sent for a digital marketing freelancing project.

The detailed message of the work from the client:


I have an E-commerce Online selling store that has vivid electronic products. Visit it; I need a digital marketer who can improve sales of these products worldwide. Let’s talk more if you are Affiliate marketer u can also connect.
If you can increase sales then contact.

Talk more regarding benefits if you can able to provide sales.

Thank you

My proposal for the job:

I visited your website. It is beautifully decorated. I understood your target audience is worldwide as you have set dollars as currency.
I have experience in digital marketing for a long period. But it needs lots of time and investments.
There are some types of digital marketing that I want you to be aware of,

• Email Marketing.
• Social Media Marketing.
• Content Marketing.
• Youtube Marketing.
• Search Engine Optimization Technique.
• Search Engine Advertisement.

Each type of digital marketing needs lots of work, effort, time and investments to reach right audience who will actually buy your products. We can discuss more about this if the Workstream is created.

List of freelancing platforms I use:


How I made my first 100$ from internet

I was paid my first 100$ by Google. But the 100$ was not the limit. The 100$ was the beginning of my online career. Now not only Google pays me but also I am getting paid by many national and international companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Commission Junction and some others. Also many individuals pay me for services that they purchase from me online.

In this book I have discussed every step in details that I did to build a continuous flow of my earnings from Internet. Making money from internet is like you have done some works once and getting paid for lifetime where as in day to day work you have to work on regular basis. You have to give efforts daily to generate income.

I was like a normal school going Indian boy like many other boys who wanted to purchase a bike at the age of 17-18. But my parents ignored it as they thought I was too young to get a bike. My other friends had bikes and I used to go everywhere by a cycle. I really wanted a bike then because I didn’t want to ride a cycle anymore like a kid. For this reason I used to argue with my parents but my parents didn’t agree with my arguments. I explained them in every possible ways why I needed a bike but I got no results. Then I used to feel if I could earn money then I could buy a bike for myself.

Since then I started thinking on the matter that how can I make money so that I could get me a bike. The feeling of helplessness grew inside me and I realized that for every financial matter I had to depend on my parents. If I wanted something then I had to make my parents understand why I needed that. My thinking wasn’t like a child anymore that for every reason I had to depend on my parent’s decision. It was like I wanted to pass a bill in the parliament that might not get passed if the oppositions protest against the bill.

It was time to think about making money. As my financial position was “zero” at that time mean I had no earning sources. Also I had no idea how to earn money. I never thought to earn money before.

I was a school going student who just completed 10th standard and took admission with science stream. I didn’t want to hamper my study. I had good intention to get good marks in my 10+2. My dream was to become a software engineer.

I started searching for a way to earn money without hampering my education. I understood that I could not apply for a job then because nobody would give a job to a boy who had passed 10th standard only. I saw in the local newspapers there were job options for only graduates with special skills. Also there were some advertisements on “make money from home”.


I contacted to the advertisers and came to know that I had to deposit some security money to get the job. Suddenly one of my friends told me that these jobs were fake he tried these jobs and were cheated.

I didn’t lose hope. I believed that there must be some ways to make money from home. And the best place to search the information was Google.

I used to search at Google on “how to make money from home?” and I got so many results promising that earning money from home is possible and very easy with a computer and internet connection. I became so curious about the topics. But whenever I tried to start with a concept it requires little investment in the beginning.

How I made my first 100$ from Internet

The passive source of money

Internet is the place where we can create our passive source of money. Most of the people think to create a passive source besides their active income. It is called passive income because you don’t need to give that much effort that you give to the active source to generate money. The money you generate from your passive source is very little compared to your active source. But you don’t need to keep focusing on the passive side and the amount increases time to time.

Passive earning is like you are making money with the works that you did once.

For example: You created a YouTube channel and uploaded 5 videos on cooking. Then you applied for Adsense program and your request was approved. Now your videos started Read More

How much can you earn from YouTube?

by Ranjan Barman

This is the basic question that will first appear when you are thinking about making money from YouTube video uploading. Actually, we don’t make money for uploading videos on YouTube. We make money when we monetize our video with Google Adsense program. Monetize means to earn revenue from (an asset, business, etc.). Here asset is our videos that we upload on YouTube. Once our video has been submitted and approved for monetization, YouTube will place ads inside or near the video. After we’ve associated an AdSense account with our YouTube account, you will earn revenue that is generated from the ads. Read More