Freelancers platform to make money online

It is the world’s largest freelance marketplace. UpWork is the combination of Elance and oDesk. It has real time chat support at the time of hiring freelancers by the clients. Clients have to pay 2.75% payment processing fee. Payment options are the Credit card, Paypal and Bank transfer.

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How one can make money from Truelancer?

by Ranjan Barman

It is very easy to open an free account here. A free account holder gets 20 proposals to submit for projects in a month. Besides one can sell services also for free. The best part I liked the most that are I can submit a proposal for a project that doesn’t depend on countries or currencies. People can receive and pay money in their countries’ currency by using Credit / Debit Card / Net banking.

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What is freelancing?

by Ranjan Barman

Online freelancing is very vast place for the freelancers. There are some popular platforms like Fiver, Elance, Freelancer, Truelancer etc where a person with some skills can give some services in the exchange of money. If you don’t know whether you have a skill to work as a freelancer then I tell you all you need is time and experience. You have to keep yourself engaged with the platforms. You have to check other people’s profiles, their topics and working methods. Also there are some tricks with that you can work as a freelancer.

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