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Tell me about yourself – Do you find this easy question very difficult to answer?

When I ask people, “Tell me about yourself.” Most of them find this easy question very difficult to answer. Sometimes they end up with less than 4 lines about themselves. This is the most asked questions in job interviews. Have you ever wondered why the HR asks you about yourself when you have mentioned everything in your CV? I believe this question is asked to test your self confidence. 

As a teacher when I meet new students in my centre I ask this same question to them to check their self confidence level. And the students face same question again and again during the entire course. I do this process to check on my students how their confidence has grown during the course.  

I believe you can think about your CV while telling about yourself. It will help you to better organize your speech during an interview or encounter with someone.

What you can do to tell a better version of yourself:

  1. Prepare a well organized professional CV.
  2. Study your CV before an interview/ encounter.
  3. Practice to tell about yourself from the CV in front of a mirror.

These three steps will solve your biggest problem forever. And wait! Did you find this idea interesting? Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also share your experience in the comment.

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The secret art of speaking English

Written by: Uma saraswathy

Are you afraid of appearing in an interview because of your poor English communication skills? Are you concerned about your future because of your low standard English? Are you not able to stand in front of an audience because you feel low with yourself as your English language is not proper? You will never need to face any more mockery and let downs.
Simple explanations and formulas to bring out the perfect proficiency in English is available now.

It is everyone’s dream to speak the English language fluently. Can you read and understand a simple book? If the answer is yes, then we introduce you to the fastest selling book named “Learn The Secret Art Of Speaking English” by Ranjan Burman. This is indeed the perfect shortcut to speak fluent English.

This book contains simple tips and tricks which are easy to follow and enable you to speak English fluently without any grammatical errors. Forget going to the boring spoken English classes or any training programs when you have an efficient book with you. There is nothing powerful than a book to deliver its ideas to people – just like the saying ” a pen is mightier than a sword”.

This book includes everything that a learning reader needs to know – starting from the basic level to the expert slab of the English language. The author, Ranjan Burman has spent his eight years of research in writing this book. Ranjan took utmost care in simplifying the concepts in the book so that any reader can find it understandable. The readers are getting an excellent opportunity to self assess and test their English proficiency skills through the book. Vocabulary words are written along with their pronunciations so the readers get to know the exact speaking way. All the advanced level concepts are explained in a simple method.

This is a well structured and systematic book to gain the ultimate command over the English language for any person – be it a professional or not. Only quick learning concepts are explained here. The book claims that the reader will be able to speak perfect English within four months when he implements all the concepts and knowledge explained. You can get many scripts for everyday English conversation. You will never feel ashamed to present your ideas anymore as you have the professional English trainer to help you out. This book is perfect for day to day communication. Once you practice the simple tips and tricks explained in the book, it will be very easy for you to communicate in English. This book covers all important corners of the English language that a person needs to know in order to speak the language in proficiency.

This book is available to you at Rs 100 only! Hurry, to get your copy as they are fast – selling! Place the order, download Your PDF copy of the book and get rid of the fear of speaking English ! You will never see a great value at a highly reasonable price other than this.

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Learn English in 4 Months

Want to speak english fluently in almost no time ? I’ve something for you that could help you in this. You can never have enough of knowledge and that’s what exactly our author Ranjan Barman thinks, who himself have been working as a teacher and researching on communicative english to make the subject easier for his students. After about eight years of keen research, the author has discovered some easy formulas that could help you in transforming your spoken english to a whole new level.
This is basically a bengali version e-book and is available at for only one hundred rupees (100/-) . It contains worksheets so that you can keep an eye on your progress. This book will be served to you in the form of PDF so that you can carry on improving your communication skills anywhere, anytime.
It is a tested formula and it helps students learn english communication skills and helps you translate sentences in english in fractions of seconds. Our author has been teaching his students with these techniques for years and according to the results; it takes maximum four months to learn all the techniques and speak fluently without any hesitation. Do give it a try and let me know in the comments section how you liked it..!