home schooling

What is home schooling?

Home schooling is a popular way of educating your children at home. This is followed mainly in foreign countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, etc. But in recent years it has earned a huge popularity in many cities of India as well (Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai).

Considering the recent times almost every parent would probably like their kid’s education through home schooling or through e-schools.

Although in India people are not very aware to it and like the conventional method of schooling. But if the parents want their child to be home schooled, the child can give exams through GICSE (as private candidate) or through NIOS for standards 10 and 12.

● The first step towards home schooling is to select the curriculum. In our country, the popular curriculums are Montessori, CBSE, GICSE, NIOS.

● Home schooling is sometimes considered as expensive because one of the parents always needs to stay at home with their child, thus both the parents who are working, one of them has to stop

● The productivity of home schoolers are noticible. They tend to catch up with the college curriculum more easily.

● Although home schooling children have often tend to crave for socializing with people as they don’t generally have met many people or have been alone most of the times.

Suggested ways of starting home school during this pandemic –

Know your kid

Different kids have different ways of learning. Try to figure out which suits your child more. If he can manage of his own then it’s all well; else, arrange conference calls on different online platforms like Google meet, skype or zoom app with their classmates. Setup designated space and hours of learning Once you know the suitable studying pattern, you are now ready to design the study curriculum which best suits your child.

Free online resources

Online resources nowadays are amazing as you are just one click away from your topic of interest. You can train your children with extra curriculum activities like piano lessons, drawing lessons, crafts, etc. as beginner.

Good time for passion project

During this pandemic you’ll be able to have more time with your kid. This will ensure your bonding stronger and help you realise his areas of interests. Explore them with him through arts, crafts, some sort of games.

Be forgiving to yourself and your kid Having school at home doesn’t means the kid have to always follow his same routine daily. If there are somedays when he learns something that’ll help him in long run don’t feel that the day is wasted. The purpose of home schooling is that it’s beyond school. That’s why such kids are more productive. It’s absolutely fine if you put a day off.

Nowadays there are many e-leaning apps which gained popularity like Byjus, Extramarks, etc. All these apps have been used as online tutorial platforms to provide the students with a deeper understanding of the subjects. But it’s not always possible to get access as some of them are extremely overpriced. Although alternative apps are also available and many more will be introduced with a reasonable charge

So, if you’re thinking of home schooling, there are many resources available and with days to come more resources and materials will be available, don’t worry about it !