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How I created my passive income source

Written by: Ranjan Barman

I was a student of class XI when it all started. I wanted to learn the technique about earning money with less efforts. So that I can continue my study with earning.

I used to spend hours on internet learning about the technique “How to make money from internet without investment”. As a student I couldn’t think about any investment to start a business that time.

After months of research and understanding I came to a conclusion that was I could sell other people’s products or services from a website that is called affiliate marketing. Also I can earn from adsense ads if I own a website and a Youtube channel.

This knowledge brought another thought in my mind “how to own a website?” I knew how to start a Youtube channel. It was so easy. I could make a video and upload it in my channel. But owning a website was a technical thing.

I put myself into research again how could I own a website. And I understood that owning a website would cost me money and also I need knowledge in HTML & CSS. So first I needed a money source to buy a domain & hosting and also I must acquire knowledge in HTML & CSS to design the website.

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As a student I had no other options but teaching students. I was good in English grammar so I decided that I would be teaching that subject to the school students.

I started telling my friends that I wanted to teach students and if they know someone who needed a English teacher. Soon I got my very first student and from one it became two and numbers started increasing every month.

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By that time I also started a YouTube channel where I used to upload tutorial videos on English grammar. YouTube didn’t give me money for the first few years though it helped me in many ways.

I bought my first website and started writing blogs when I had a source of money from teaching students.

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Now I got my teaching work, a YouTube channel and a website. The money I received from teaching that I used to spend on my internet bills and website.

This sequence went on for almost a year and nothing interesting happened. But in a year I became a known English teacher in my locality.

My website and YouTube didn’t generate any money for the first year. It took time to get my YouTube channel approved for adsense ads. And after rejected three times my website was also approved for adsense.

Many people have misconceptions about adsense. They think it’s a get rich quick scheme once their website or YouTube channel gets approved by adsense.

For me it took three years to get my first 100$ in my bank account. And after that the time started getting shorter. Sometimes it took three or four months or even six months to get 100$ in my bank account from YouTube.

But surprisingly I wasn’t earning money from website. Generating money from adsense ads on website took lot more efforts than a YouTube channel. But still I was paying for hosting plans and domain renewal.

I made many mistakes in the beginning. I bought few domains unnecessarily. Sometimes I purchased wrong hosting plan, removed all website data by mistake.

In 2016 I purchased and since then I have been only focusing on this website. From the name you can guess it’s purpose. I wanted to make it a blogging website and wanted to earn money from adsense ads and affiliate marketing.

I have learnt one thing very clearly. Whether you have a YouTube channel or a website you must concentrate on a fixed niche. Like my YouTube channel when my focus was on English grammar only then the growth of the channel was very good but when I started uploading videos on other topics since then the growth started go down side.

I have multiple YouTube channels now three are them performing well.

I have big plans for blogrator. I want to turn it into a media company like forbes or medium in future. I want many freelance or full-time content writers write for blogrator. I have started the process. I have few writers now who publish their writing on daily basis.

I have done multiple jobs, businesses and freelancing to support my passion. I have worked in Orion Edutech Pvt Ltd as soft skills trainer in 2018. After that I joined Arena Animation Malda as GWDD+ course trainer that is Graphics and web design & development and digital marketing course. After Arena Animation I went to Kolkata to have a different taste in career. I joined as guest experience manager in OYO in sector v kolkata. After that I came back Malda and join OPPO as a trainer.

During the second month of lockdown in India I resigned from OPPO to start my own E-commerce business in Malda. This business got a good hit. And for the first time the people of Malda came to know about blogrator. Because during COVID 19 outbreak I turned my website into a E-commerce store where people can place order from the website.

In early ages after completing BCA from Malda college I did some freelancing part-time jobs like assessor for media and entertainment sector under skill India project. I was also a mistrey auditor for Shaw hotels and consultancy. I designed websites for my foreign clients. I was hired multiple times from foreign countries for teaching computer, English and Bengali language.

I did multiple business like starting a web design training and service provider. I have been running my YST Tutorial centre since 2011. And also the recent E-commerce business and many more.

I have also published book like “Communication English- A Universal Exercise Book” at Amazon flipkart like platforms.

Those jobs, freelancing and businesses were and still are my active source of income. Without those income I could never able to support my passion my passive source. My passive source is still not strong. But I have trusted my passion for years and I have accrued lots of knowledge about it. The best part is I never gave up. And my this attitude gave me lots of technical knowledge that I have today. And I am truly very happy about it.

Earn Money

How To Earn Money From The Internet?

Written by: Uma saraswathy

Money is an important matter to anyone – rich or poor. Everyone is searching for money making techniques. Just with an active internet connection, you can easily make money online from the internet. You can say that the internet is a source where you can actively and passively make money. Always remember that you are just sitting at the comfort of your home and working according to your preferred time and slots for this. Only you need certain ideas and tricks for earning a good income. You will never need to go for a hard physical labour as smart work is appreciated more than the hard work. Making some fast cash and being your own boss at work is something that everyone likes. This is exactly the method which is used when you are working on the internet. If you are reading this article without any hurry, then it is obvious that you are a starter to the online money making platform. You might be attracted by others making money on this platform but do not know how, when and where to start.

Here we are discussing some of the realistic ways in which you can make money through the internet.

Selling Your Talent On Fiverr

If you want to make money online for free then fiverr is one of the best platforms available. You can just showcase all the skills that you have and soon you will get clients who want to make use of these skills. This is one of the best ways to start a freelancing type of job. There are many success stories which happen with fiverr and other similar platforms. You will get a huge market place here where you can showcase all your talents and you will get buyers for sure. This is one of the best ways to make money online without any kind of investment.

Working As A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a very interesting job that you can perform by just sitting at your home. There are virtual assistants everywhere. This is just like a personal assistant but behaving virtually. There are many tasks that a virtual assistant needs to do. You should do certain research for the product that you are exactly promoting. Replying to the emails from the customers regarding the customer support options are done by the virtual assistant. If you are asked to write any content or any kind of ad copies, then you should do it. The virtual assistant is also the charge of moderating comments when there are any social campaigns or promotion regarding the product launches. This is one method by which you can earn money. Shift options are also available for the easy go.

Doing Article Writing Services

Content writing has emerged out as a special field to make a reasonable amount of money. If you are good with the language and have a skill of writing, then you should definitely try the content writing. Remember that the content should be unique as well as good enough to understand to the readers. The mode of pay will be paisa per word. It can go from .10 ppw to 2 ppw according to the standard rate. Bloggers and webmasters are always on the lookout for good content writers to promote their blog as well as the products and services. You will never need to invest money in this technique but you will have to display your writing skills to get good and long term projects.

Freelancing Technique

Freelancing technique is an advanced technique to earn money online. You will not be under the custody of time or a company if you opt for freelancing. If you are a web designer, app developer, a content writer, a finance manager, a social media strategist or any such person having a skill to develop, then you can concentrate on that field and earn income easily. You will never need to work for 8 hours a day just like in an office. With the freelancing feature you are actually setting your own timetable of work. You will be given the work and you will need to finish it within the given deadline. The payment will be instantly credited after the work is completed. There is no salary system for freelancers. There are many websites which support the freelancing option. is an important platform for the people who are looking for these kinds of online works.

Running A Profitable Blog

Are you interested in blogging? If the answer is yes then it is high time to develop your career as a blogger. Start uploading your thoughts, informative as well as entertaining contents and you can earn. You need not be a technical knowledgeable person to manage a blog. You can search for different guides so that you’ll get an idea about how to start a profitable blog and then you can implement it accordingly. Always try to upload the content that attracts more visitors to your blog.

Starting A Youtube Channel

If your interest is in doing videoblogs rather than writing ones, then you can easily start a YouTube channel and upload your videos. Select a theme and create interesting and informative videos regarding that theme. Make sure that you are always active on the channel and are regularly uploading videos and responding to the comments. When you hit the minimum level of views and subscribers, then you start earning.
You can work from your home and the investment required for this is minimal. When you hit the level of subscribers and have more views then you can buy a new camera and the other supporting equipment for shooting. Selecting a theme and understanding deeply about it is very much important in creating a successful youtube channel. When you do maximum promotions of your video by broadcasting or by sharing through social media platforms you can gain more reach.

These are some important ways to earn money online

Earn Money Make Money Online

Tricks and tips to avoid fake freelance employers.

Freelancing is a word that we all are aware of. Freelancing basically means a person who is self employed (freelancer), offers his services for many people at one time. Freelancers mainly charge at a job basis per hour or per weekly. Freelance work is basically a short time work that is the employer and the freelancer are connected to each other only for a particular time until the project completion.

These days freelancing have become much popular among students and for those who are willing to work on their spare time. Many freelancing sites have been launched through which the freelancer and the employers are connected to each other depending on the services they offer and the customer want this freelancing sites take some amount of commission like five percent to ten percent or sometimes higher. But it is seen these days ; as the the number of freelancing sites are increasing the genuineness of this work is getting distracted if you are thinking after providing freelance services be aware and check the authenticity of the website and the service providers.

Even if you are getting your freelance work through some trusted websites always check the authenticity of the service provider. If if your employer asks you for money, even if it is a very less amount like fifty rupees or hundred rupees; you should be aware and remember you should not provide a single penny on getting a job while doing freelancing because freelancing is all about getting paid for a particular job or project without investing. 

Whenever you are getting freelancing offers from an employer always do these things before accepting- 

  1. Check feedback of the employer. By doing this you will get to know about his is walking style and whether you are comfortable working with him or not. 
  2. Check the language in which the employer talks to you it shouldn’t be e very convincing because you are the one who would be convincing him to take your services.
  3. Search for authentic websites.
  4. Check their bio and profile on social media sites.
  5. View examples of their work. This will give you a clear idea about how you are going to give your services. 
  6. Contact there previous clients or employees.

Although it is not very easy to get online freelancing jobs but you should always look for a silver lining in the dark. As the market demand increases the number of malpractices increases along with the genuine employers it is very hard to find them but if you follow this simple steps and disagree to pay them any security deposit before getting the work you can simply avoid them. 

Try to tu to advertise your services, make your portfolio very neatly so that one gets easily impressed, contribute to some tutorials are articles this will also get you some jobs, market yourself and attend online meetups or webinars.