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Ketogenic or keto diet- everything you need to know to start to diet.

The ketogenic or keto diet is a high protein , low carb diet that is similar to low carb diet. It involves in reduction of carbohydrates and replacing it with fats and proteins. This is called ketosis, process of putting the body in a metabolic state by reducing the carbs.

When the ketosis happens, your body becomes highly efficient in burning fat and transforming the fats into ketones which can later supply energy to the brain. This type of diets massively reduce the blood sugar levels, insulin levels and has a number of health benefits.

Apart from losing weight and improving health conditions; this type of diet can also be helpful in case you have cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and epilepsy.

Keto diet can be practiced in the following different ways according to your eating habits and convince.

Cyclical keto diet (CKD)- it involves the the cyclical period of high carbohydrates refeeds, such as four-five keto days and three-two days of high carbs.

High protein keto diet– it includes considerably high amounts proteins, the ratio is often kept as sixty percentage of fat, thirty five percent of proteins and five percent of carbohydrates.

Targeted keto diet (TKD)- the targeted keto diet allows you to add carbs while you are working out. This is you maintaining your carb levels and focus on your targeted areas.

Standard keto diet (SKD)- it is a very low carb, high fat and medium protein diet. It basically combines of seventy five percent fat, twenty percent protein and five percent carbs diet, similar to high protein keto diet.

Although I have mentioned the four types of keto diet, there are many other customised diets that can be followed. For that you need to visit your nutritionist and dietitian. The standard keto diet and high protein diet are most extensively followed and other two diets, the cyclical keto diet and targeted Ketogenic diet are followed by bodybuilders and athletes under the supervision of there dietician and trainers.

Here is the list some food items that you need to avoid in case you are doing keto diet-

Fruits- all types fruits except some berries like strawberries raspberries etcetera.

Diet products a low fat products- these types of products to be avoided as they were highly processed and often contain high amount of carbohydrates. This often contains high sugar alcohol levels that can affect the ketones sometimes.

Whole grains and starches- grains like rice, cereals, pasta, wheat based products, etc.

Sugary foods- food like ice cream , cake , cookies, smoothies, fruit juice, aerated drinks are to be avoided.

Root vegetables, beans or legumes and tubers- potato, sweet potato, carrot, beans, kidney beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas etc.

Sauces or condiments- open contains and healthy fats and sugars.

Alcohols- alcohols or alcoholic beverages contain high carbohydrate levels , which can affect your ketone levels and cause problem.

Fats that are unhealthy- lower the intake of mayonnaise, processed Vegetable oils, etc. they contain unhealthy fats which are hard to get rid off.

Foods you should be eating-

Cheese- cheeses like cheddar, blue, mozzarella, cream or any type of unprocessed cheese.

Eggs- whole eggs are good source of Omega 3.

Meat- chicken, red meat, ham, sausage, bacon, Turkey and steak.

Fish- fatty fishes like rohu, salmon, trout, tuna, etc.

Avocados or freshly made guacamole.

Healthy oils – like avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

Fresh vegetables- green vegetables like capsicum, different types of leafs like letus, cabbage, tomatos, onions, etc. Low carb veggies.

Condiments- you can use pink salt, rock salt, black salt, etc., Peppers, different types of herbs for seasoning.

Some healthy Ketogenic snacks in case you want to have some-

  1. Fatty meat or fish
  2. Dark chocolate (ninety percent)
  3. 1–2 hard-boiled eggs
  4. Cheese with olives
  5. handful of nuts or seeds
  6. Full-fat yogurt mixed with peanut butter and choco powder
  7. A low-carb milkshake with almond milk, camel milk, cocoa powder and peanut butter
  8. Small portions of leftover meals
  9. Celery with salsa , avocado and guacamole
  10. Strawberries and cream
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What is vegan? All you need to know to start vegan diet.

Veganism is basically the practice of replacing all the uses of animal products particularly in the diet and associated phiWhat is veganism ? How can you start vegan diet philosophy that rejects the the use of animal products. A person who follows the diet of philosophy is known as a vegan. In simple words it is the elimination of animal products in your daily life. 

Vegan diet can usually be healthy, but it can lack some nutrients. You may have to pay attention towards your nutritional intake and take some extra nutrients or suppliments to fulfill the needs of your body such as proteins, vitamins, iron, etc.  Vegan diet is nowadays have been trending among people who decide to go vegan for environmental, ethical, health reasons.

Vegan diet if done properly can help you getting in shape along with reduced blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Although the diet is completely based on plant foods it can sometimes lead you to some nutrients and mineral deficiency.

There are many types of vegan diets depending on how you want to do it as per your convenience. 

  • Raw food diet– it contains of eating raw fruits, vegetables, plant foods, seeds, etcetera that are hoot below 48 degree centigrade ( 114 degree Fahrenheit).
  • Whole food diet– it is based on the different varieties of whole foods that contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. 
  • 80/10/10 – it is a raw food diet that restricts the intake of fat rich foods like nuts, avocados and depends mainly on soft green vegetables and raw foods. 
  • Raw till 4 diet– it consists of eating raw fruits and vegetables till 4:00 p.m. and having a whole meal in the dinner. 
  • Starch solution diet – it is a high carb, low fat vegan diet that focuses on cooked starches like rice, potato and corn . 
  • The junk food diet– it’s basically depends on meats, cheeses, vegan desserts, fries and other heavily processed foods and excludes the intake of plant based foods completely.
  • Thrive diet- it is a raw food vegan diet that consists of cooked vegetables , while foods at a very low temperature.

All the following any of these diets properly , it will help you achieve your desired results. But it is sometimes seen that the person who has been following vegan diet are generally thinner and lacks some nutritional deficiencies in their body due to the deficiency of the carbohydrate and the nutritional values of the the animal proteins. They have lower levels of of blood sugar and cholesterol and enjoy a lower risk of cardio vascular diseases. However, the risk of bone fracture main be a cause of fearing the vegan diet because it contains very less amount of calcium content foods. It is suggested to theke vegan diet only if you are you willing and is determined tu to leave animal proteins because in a study it is seen that eighty percent of the people who started following vegan diet has stopped due to some reason on the other and has follow their normal diet which includes the intake of animal proteins like chicken mutton fish and the different types of meats.

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What is passive source of income ? Why you must have an active income source for this ?

Money is a fundamental thing necessary for sustaining our lifestyle, education, clothing, fooding and healthcare. In order to make money we  face many hardships in our life. 

To earn money we all are so carried forward that we often leave behind our hobbies, passion, likings, family and friends. Think about having another source of income or passive income that you do when you are idle, while continuing your jobs or the active sources of income.

The passive source of income doesn’t requires a lot of involvement it can be simply done when you are not too busy and it doesn’t requires consistency of work. There are many sources of passive income like temporary contract work (doing anything as a part-time job), clicking photos, taking tuitions, starting a carpool while you are writing to your office or coming back, real estate investment, mutual fund investment, equity investment, online reading writing a blog, creating a vlog on YouTube and some other social media platforms, become a social media influencer and so on whatever you like, whatever keeps you awake, whatever you want to do.

These days passive income is practiced by almost everyone not only to earn money but to follow one’s passion and the things they like.

So this was about passive income and what are the things you could do you to flourish and enhance your passion and ideas and and money with it. But if you think that you will directly start your passive income is not going to work that way because to start a passive income you have to make some amount of investment and for that the active income will help you such as your job or the things you do to help and support your family and get yourself secured. Active income on the other hand is the main source of income that gives the stability in life and helps us together confidence to take a risk. Active income provides security to the family.

Passive income can be practised by anyone who is willing to work on his free time aur whenever he gets time to earn little amount of money passive income can be practice by all whether it be a housewife or a student or someone who has reached his retirement or someone who is working and wants to make some more income from his own. The best way of passive income is temporary contract work because it doesn’t require any commitments and a lot of time you can walk whenever you are free you can take the assignment if you want to and you can decide the amount you want to be paid for it passive income can also be done by selling your own products and things like that. Physically passive income requires more skills than your active income because your active income is dependent on how educated you are with your passive income depends on how talented you are or what are your passions. Includes making YouTube video or making his or her own product and sell it cannot bedone by only having knowledge what one should also have the passion and talent to keep people liking his or her work constantly what it will take some time. Passive income also includes renting your property, investing your precious metals like gold ,silver ,platinum etcetera. building sources of passive income will take time and the foundation is to be laid by active income. Book passive income and active income tax payable after certain amount is exceeded. 

If you are thinking to create passive income, you should focus on your active income and earn as much money as you can so that you can invest Italy and get maximum profit from it. Before investing money in anything think properly be sure about the genuineness of the work that you are investing in. Passive income has become a trend in 2020 and has helped many people who had lost jobs during their pandemic cope with the money crisis and maintained their lifestyles to moderate level passive income is important nowadays because these are hard times always have to be double sure about yourself.