Domain name purchasing and hosting for the beginners

I started purchasing my paid websites from GoDaddy because I could pay in Indian money using my debit card or net banking. There are other popular companies like HostGator, DreamHost and many others. Anyone can purchase a domain/website name from any single good hosting company. It is true that I found GoDaddy very helpful for me. But it’s not that others are not helpful. It is like I became familiar with it that’s why I liked it.

I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. It is very easy to purchase a domain name from any hosting company. The price of the domains may vary to its popularity. But the general domain names we can get at very cheap price and the yearly renewal fees are not high. But after purchasing a name we need a hosting plan (see here what is hosting). And before choosing a hosting plan we should know that what we are capable of. Also, it depends on some matters like, can we do it ourselves or we need an easy to go option?

There are some types of hosting option available and we have to decide which one is for us. If you don’t know your requirements like what type of website you are gonna make then don’t worry. Any hosting you choose, go for basic plans with the lowest amount. Because later you can upgrade your plan. Let it be cleared more clearly. We know after 10 or 10+2 we can choose engineering field or management field or doctoring. Each field is different from one another. So are the hosting fields too. In each educational field, there are many other options to choose and we can’t choose whatever we want cause we know we may not carry it or get it. Unlike in hosting we can’t take the premium plans for the first time cause after purchasing we may regret a wrong decisions.

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

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