Drink this daily,you will shed weight within a week

Drink this daily,you will shed weight within a week

Weight gain is a major problem both for youth people and elder people.

Everyone wants to look fit and slim and beautiful.But practically we are not able to maintain our physique due to our busy schedule and thus we become out of shape.

Most of us prefer IT jobs where we sit for more than 8 hours without any physical exercise which ultimately turn to major diseases in young age.Also we take food irregularly which is also major cause for obesity.

Normally we should not skip breakfast.It is named as breakfast as we are breaking the long fast (sleeping at night).

We should take breakfast heavily,meals in minimal amount with green leafs and veggies and dinner can be very light.By following this ,we can be fit enough.You should maintain same timings for having food.

Do exercise regularly.Yoga is trending now and is advisable too.

Well let’s see a brief details of why obesity is caused:

1. Genes:

Yes,genes play a major role in physique.If your parents are fat,obviously you will be obese.But still exercise can do wonders.

2. Junk Food:

Eating junk foods affects weight disorders and can cause many major issues.

3. Sitting for longer time:

As I said earlier,IT jobs make us very lazy by making people sitting in front of computer or laptop for longer period.

Sitting for long,can make us out of shape and cause more health issues.

4. Sleeping:

You should have a sound sleep ,as sleeping is very essential to keep your mind relaxed.

Now let’s see how to reduce weight by drinking a magical drink:

Ingredients Required: (1 day drink)

Water- 2 Glass


Cinnamon Powder- 2 pinches

Honey- 2 tbl spoon


Method of Preparation:

Mix all the ingredients together and drink everyday morning in empty stomach and everyday night before going to bed.

Yes it worked like a magic for me.I personally tried.After you drink this ,you will be sweating and will have a flat tummy within a week of time.

It is mandatory that yоu drink the mixture immediately after preparing it,  оn an empty stоmach, tо get all the benefits. Dо nоt reheat the mixture. Аccоrding tо Аyurveda, heating hоney makes it a poison.So be careful and drink safely.

If you are not able to follow this,make a habit of drinking lemon with honey in warm water in empty stomach everyday with some yoga or exercise which can make you fit within less number of days.

The cоmbinatiоn оf hоney and lemоn makes yоu feel heavy fоr lоnger, and reduces cravings, thus helping yоu to maintain a healthy weight.

Effects vary for person to person,but visible changes is seen.Your friends will definitely notice changes in you.

Get ready to be fit and rule the fashion world.All the best dudes!!!!!!!!


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