Freelancers platform to make money online

It is the world’s largest freelance marketplace. UpWork is the combination of Elance and oDesk. It has real time chat support at the time of hiring freelancers by the clients. Clients have to pay 2.75% payment processing fee. Payment options are the Credit card, Paypal and Bank transfer.

Jobs can freelancers do here:

  1. App, Software and web development,
  2. Engineering and data science,
  3. Creative works like writing and graphics work,
  4. Business and administrative.

Mobile Apps available on Android, IOS. Time tracking apps available for Windows, OsX, Linux

Freelancer is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers. In Freelancer, clients can post projects as well as create contests.

Popular options:

Project contest, affiliate option, skill test, free proposals, news feed, showcase

Payment option:

Paypal, Credit card, Skrill

Mobile apps available on:

Android, IOS

Desktop software available on:

Windows, Linux and Mac

Fiverr is little different than Freelancer & UpWork. Here freelancers can’t send proposals as clients can’t post projects. Here the freelancers create gigs starting at 5 USD. The clients can purchase the gigs offered by freelancers. Here is also real time chatting available so before purchasing a gig clients can confirm all of the details and requirements.

Truelancer is a similar platform like Freelancer but it is in developing stage. It is not so popular by now. The client can organise contest here also. It gives 2 proposals free every day from android app.

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