Gadgets that I am planning to buy in 2018

2016-2017 was an experimenting year for me

2017-2018 was the period of learning from my mistakes

2018-1019 will be working year for me. I know about my interests now. I know where I want to see myself at the end of the year.

In 2017 I received 100+$ three times from Google for my YouTube channels. 2017 gave me some successful results of my experiments that I did in 2016. I purchased one digital pen tablet with my first payment from Google. That product is helping me to create more creative work for my YouTube channels now.

I have planned to purchase few more gadgets in 2018. For me 2018 started with a good sign because I am going to receive almost 150$+ at a time from Google. I upload all my earning details in one of my YouTube channels Monthly Dollars.

The first gadget that I am buying is a digital dairy. I am buying it because it will replace my normal copy/dairy data into digital format. As I am very determine about my works now so every time I need to keep my ideas in a copy before I create anything for my channel or website. Sometimes I use A4 pages to keep my ideas. The problem is I can’t keep the data and ideas organized. I fully believed this gadget will solve my problem because I can convert all the physical writing into digital format. I can save the digital data as img/pdf format in my smart phone or computer.

The second gadget that I am going to buy is a Mobile camera stabilizer. I started a vlogging channel RB Vlogson YouTube. I started it because I want to keep the beautiful moments of my life for the lifetime. While vlogging on my trips I found out that I really need a smart phone camera stabilizer in the place of a selfie stick to capture smooth videos. Nobody likes shaky videos at all.

The third gadget that I want to buy is a drone. Currently drone is banned in India for security reasons. I have no intention to fly it here and there till our government gives the permission. I want to buy it because I want to capture myself standing in front of a flying drone by its camera while making vlogs. It is one of my dreams.

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