How can a local store owner open his own online e-commerce store?

by Ranjan Barman

E-commerce store is a place from where you can sell your products. Suppose you are the owner of a shop and you do business locally inside your town/city/village. In this case, you sell products from a fixed place from your shop. But your selling capacity is limited in a town or city there can be thousands of more shops like yours. Then what are the differences between yours and the others? There are more, now a day’s competition isn’t between the same shops around your town/city/locality.

There are many e-commerce companies fulfilling the requirements of customers. Now a day’s people think like “why should we go to stores for purchasing a product when we can download an app and purchase any product on the go?” People started living the online tradition now and they won’t look back as they get better products at a better price. Moreover, they also get cash on delivery and this is very interesting also if they don’t like the product then they can ask for a refund and the company take the product back from customer’s home. Here customers don’t have to spend extra money to refund products as the company is giving free refund service.

It is time to think of the local store owners as the customer’s requirement is fulfilling online. Maximum shop owners don’t have a VAT/CST number in India as their sell never cross the VAT limit. They also don’t register for a private limited company. All they have a proprietorship registration from the state and not central GOVT registration. For this reason, they can’t list their product online. To sell online a store owner must have to have a VAT/CST number because after listing their product the product may require by a customer living in another state. To sell a product in another state a store owner needs a VAT/CST must. Though for media (books)/cloth (semi-stitch) needs no VAT/CST to sell in other states.

In this case what a local store owner can do?
Here is the solution:

A local store owner can have his own e-commerce store where he can list their physical products’ picture with proper details and price. The condition should be they will sell the products inside their state/city/town.

How can a local store owner open his own online e-commerce store?

  1. First, a store owner have to hire an E-commerce designer and tell all the requirements,
  2. Send him the pictures of the products with details.
  3. Advertise the products in social network/search engines when the store is live.

Things to remember while getting your E-commerce designed:

  1. A complete store with inventory management facility.
  2. A customer can pay via debit/credit card or use net banking.
  3. Minimum 4 pictures can be uploaded for a product.
  4. Customer register/login facility.
  5. Order tracking facility.
  6. Cash on delivery.
  7. Your own store name at the heading.
  8. You must handle social media accounts for advertising.
  9. Must have Google Adwords / bing ads account for search engine advertising.
  10. Good SEO for search engine visibility.
  11. Good customer care support.
  12. A business e-mail address for customer satisfaction.
  13. Business terms and conditions

Want to get all things done?

hire an E-commerce designer

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