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How can I recover from coronavirus (COVID19) at home?

The novel coronavirus (COVID 19) is declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) after it is being allegedly reported by several countries to have tested positive with millions of affected citizens.

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      Many researches have been carried out since then to understand the nature and the behaviour of the virus and it is still to be continued, but the virus seems to change its nature very often making it almost impossible to come to a solution. However, now we have found out some precautions to be taken to protect ourselves upto a certain limit. We can also get recovered very easily at home by following some simple things. But if seems to be serious and does not gets better then you should definitely reach out for medical help.

The average recovery time for mild cases can take upto two weeks, and for crucial or severe condition it might take as long as three to six weeks. Since coronavirus is a respiratory illness and it gets transmitted through direct contact from person-to-person. In both mild and severe cases the patient must be isolated and should always wear a mask whenever he comes with contact. Avoid sharing personal items like towel, clothes, etc., always cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash hands with soap very often, clean surfaces you often touch, let the fresh air come in if you’re staying alone.

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 Symptoms ranging from mild illness to pneumonia, fever, cough, sore throat, headaches. For mild cases you can follow the home remedies to improve our immunity system.

   You should always keep yourself hydrated, drink a lot of fruit juices, water, herbal tea, and things that don’t contain caffeine and alcohol. You should take steam breathe, gargle twice a day to keep away the germs. Try to eat foods which contain a huge amount of water like soups. Try eating citric fruits full of vutamin C like lemons, oranges, etc. You should take a lot of rest and keep monitoring your health conditions. Incase you fell unwell do not take any medications or antibiotics without consulting the doctor. If you develop emergency condition like trouble breathing, pain in chest, severe drowsiness, blue tint on face and lips then you should contact your health provider immediately.

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 Your recovery can be assured if you haven’t had fever for three days. Respiratory symptoms are better, you have tested COVID19 negative two times or ten days since symptoms began. 

   The trials of the COVID19 vaccines are said to be carried out by different countries but none of them have been successfully reported with positive response. The organisations say that it can take upto years to launch the vaccinations for the mass. However, nowadays we seem to know much about the pandemic and it’s only available medication is to keep ourselves healthy and immune. Even if you do not tend to get affected you should still use sanitizer, mask and stay away from crowded places, eat at clean places avoid going someone else’s house. The central government and the state government have been working for the emergency services very well hence do not hesitate to reach out the helplines that are issued by both the government’s incase you have any kind of confusion. 

   It is seen that the doctors and the health workers at some places are being discouraged and are not allowed to enter their homes or localities. It is our duty to respect them and be thankful as they are the front warriors who without any hesitation came out for serving us. 

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