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How can I reduce belly fat?

Nowadays, especially after the pandemic every one of us has realised the need to stay fit and maintain a proper diet to gain immunity. Especially during the lock down many of us have tried or started doing exercises and followed a healthy diet, but the most common problem which almost everyone faced is belly fat.

The belly fat doesn’t tends to burn easily. And to reduce belly fat we need to follow some special diet as well as do exercises regularly.

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In our diet, we should keep fibre contented foods like fish, carrot beans, sprouts, asparagus, etc.,  avoid trans-fat as much as you can (you can always find the amount of trans fat in a particular product if you check the packaging.) Introduce saturated fats like nuts , raisins, peanut butter, brown bread, etc. Reduce alcohol levels and skip having beverages like soft drinks, shakes,etc. This will reduce the intake of sugar. Reduce your stress level and have high proteins like chicken breast, eggs, milk, soy products etc. in your diet.

Fibre contented foods like flaxseed, avocado, black berry, etc as well as fruits like apple, lemons, etc should be present in your diet in adequate amounts. Fruit comes with heaps of health benefits but by juicing it, you’re stripping out the fiber and just leaving sugar behind. 

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 Apart from these, also try to cook food using coconut oil or olive oil or try to have blunched foods or bake them. You must reduce eating fast food as they contain a lot of unhealthy things in them, try to avoid simple carbs contented food likely rice except  start having Complex carbs as much as you can like oats, boiled noodles, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, etc. Have green tea, yogurt, lemon water with honey and liquid juices in your diet which are rich in caffieine and antioxidants.

 In these testing times we need to stay fit and eat good food to improve immunity so that we can fight any type of diseases. Doing exercise is indeed and very good option both to stay fit and to reduce belly fat , some special exercises like running and cycling, doing cardio exercises, etc. If not so you start with simply walking for about an hour which will further enhance the fat to burn out. You should also have a sound sleep  full 8 hours to keep your body working. Avoid red meat like beef, mutton this will also improve your digestive system and reduce your calorie levels which in turn will reduce your probabilities of having obesity or any other fatal diseases. 

Remember it is not necessary to keep fasting in order to reduce fat. This will make your body weak. Keep your diet healthy and do exercise regularly, this will take some time but it’ll definitely have a longer impact, making the body fit and look healthy. Do not have any supplements without prior consultation from experts. Stay happy in your own skin, keep yourself deciplined and follow a regular healthy diet, have sound sleep and follow the the diet that is written above , that’s all you need to reduce your fat levels.

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