How I made Indian style pasta and used the left overs to make a new dish.

Pastas are being introduced to Indians by the Italians. Since India has served a major role in the trade world from centuries, every type of people from different parts of the world have came up with their cuisines and each time the dishes have been influenced by the Indian culture and had made an infusion to create a new version of delicacy. Generally pastas are made from wheat flour mixed with water and eggs, and are given desired shapes.

You can add anything you want with pasta; be it egg, chicken, mushroom, etcetera. 

Here I’ve made a fusion of spices and pasta, combined together and it turned out too good.

Preparation time-15 min

Cooking time-15 mins

Total time– 30 mins

Let us make a list of the ingredients that we are going to need to make our pasta.

Pasta (any type of pasta) two hundred fifty grams.

One large sized onion chopped nicely.

Green chillies chopped nicely (two to three)

Garlic ( six to eight cloves) chopped.

Ginger (half a inch) chopped into small pieces.

Tomato sauce

Chilli sauce

Soya sauce

Cheese one cube

Salt to taste

Chicken pieces boiled, eggs scrambled, mushrooms chopped and boiled ( optional)

Capsicum one medium sized- cut into pieces

Cumin seeds- half tablespoon

Steps to cook– Heat water into a pan, add the pasta to it, boil for two to three minutes and drain the water . Put it aside.Heat another pan, add some oil to it. Now add the cumin seeds, green chillies, ginger, garlic and onions to it, add salt. Fry till golden brown.Now add the capsicum, the three types sauces, pasta, chicken, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and mix well. Put the lid on, simmer the flame and let it cook for sometime. Now add the cheese by shredding it over the pan and put on the lid once again and turn off the flame.

Your pasta is ready to be served !

Now the quick recipe for the left over pasta. You’ll be needing mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sandwich bread along with the pasta.

For this the sandwich bread needs to be grilled. We’ll take two slices of bread, in mixing bowl mix the pasta along with the mayonnaise and place it on top of a slice. Now cover it with another slice and it diagonally. Your pasta sandwich is ready to eat. Have is as breakfast, or snacks or anytime whenever you’re feeling hungry.

Try out these recipes at home and let me know if you liked it.

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