How I moved from a free wordpress blog to

How I moved from a free wordpress blog to

Whether you are planning to move form a free blog to a paid website or directly opening a paid website there are things that you have to remember those are described in this article.

You have to find a suitable name for your website. It is not so easy to get a perfect website name as most of them are already sold. You shouldn’t buy a lengthy name as it will be very hard to remember and painful to type.

It was not so easy to me to find “blogrator” and also it wasn’t the first domain that I purchased. I am just lucky that I got blogrator. I planed long to get a short domain. It was a lot of paperwork for me.

Why I moved from a free WordPress blog to paid domain and hosting? 

As I told blogrator was not the first domain I purchased. I used to use It was a free blog and a sub-domain of

I started my blogging career with the free theystblog in the year of 2014. Then I had no idea what to do with it. It was kind of free website for me and I was very happy at the beginning. Then I started writing short stories in my free blog. Also I used to upload question answers of my college syllabus. I was not very active with my free blog as it had no freedom. With the free blog I could only change the free themes and adjust the menus.

Website that I purchased for the first time 

My concept of having a website was different that I was not getting from the free blog. Almost after a year I purchased form godaddy in 2015. I remember the day I purchased ystindia I was very happy. I updated my status in facebook “I have purchased” The feeling was like I will win the internet with the domain name. Later I realized only domain name was not enough to go live on the internet. I needed to purchase hosting. As I was familiar with the WordPress free website platform so I bought WordPress hosting from godaddy.

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It was not my money that I invested for the first time on internet. I didn’t start earning in those days. So, I paid for my ystindia and WordPress hosting from my father’s debit card. Next I moved my stories and question answers from free WordPress blog to ystindia. Till I didn’t know how to make money from a website! I ran the hosting for almost three months after that I was bored about the website. After three months my hosting was cancelled because I didn’t pay for the monthly hosting rent. Also I lost all the data on the website.

My next website that I bought with the most cheapest secure reliable hosting panel 

Next I purchased in 2015 and that time I bought low price plusk panel hosting. The price of WordPress hosting was higher than plusk panel that I could not afford any more. The price of plusk panel was less than half of WordPress hosting.

It seems very complex to me when I opened the control panel for the first time of my hosting. Then gradually I started used to it. I started learning HTML coding. In seven days I made my webpage with only html code.

I started writing blogs that I have to place inside the website by hand wrapped with HTML coding. Due to very little knowledge in blogging and Internet I couldn’t do something big and I lost interest on the website. And I discontinued paying attention to it.

I lost my second domain and similar one 

The result was I lost the domain’s ownership and some other Ranjan Barman owns it. So, I purchased in 2016.

This time I was very serious about blogging and making money from my website. My website was approved for adsense blog monetizing program. That mean I could make money by blogging. I was able to make 1.5$ to 3$ in a month due to small content in my website.

I drop the final year in college

I understood that I have to learn lots of things in this field. I was so keen to learn new things about web technology. So in 2016 I couldn’t concentrate on my final year studies in college and decided to drop the year. In 2016 I gave full time to learn new things on internet. In the same year I purchased,,,

How I found a perfect domain name

The name blogrator I choose from the feeling that I have to leave my name in the website and move to a brand that can be the name of my company in the future. Also I wanted such a name that indicates the reason of the website. As I wanted to establish a blogging website so I keep the name “blog” at the first then I was looking for a short, easy to pronounce word. The word “rator” came in my mind from the name of “Hostgator”

Hostgator is a hosting company so the name “host” specifies its’ characteristics that is the short form of hosting. And the word “gator” is the cool match with the name host. I found the name “rator” generated in my mind from “gator”.

Then I searched the name at godaddy and found it available. Not wasting any time I purchased the name and also the cheap plusk panel hosting.

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