How to buy a website?

There are many websites from where a website (domain) name can be bought. The basic steps are, visiting the website, type the name and check for its availability then pay with your card. That’s it! You own the website.

Buy a website (domain) name from GoDaddy:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Type the name you desire and click on search to check for the name availability.

Step3: Select the name you want from below.

Step 4: Visit the cart page and make the payment.

*You will have to open an account at GoDaddy because the website you will purchase will be available from My Account page at Domains section from GoDaddy. Later to make your website live you will have to rent a hosting plan from the same platform from where you have purchased your domain name. Remember, a website can’t be available publically until it is hosted. So hosting is a must. There are so many hosting options available like panel hosting, WordPress hosting etc. You have to find a suitable hosting for you. Though a website can be transferred to another company if you have already purchased hosting from another website. In that case, after transferring the website the website maintenance fee may differ from previous web hosting company.

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