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How to earn money from Blogrator?

In today’s India, most of the companies has created their own SEO friendly websites to reach more people across. In this case, from small to large every e-Commerce organization is doing rivalry with another agencies and tries to make the customers more comfortable with their polished websites and apps. They display all their offers in the website in a unique way to convert any random visitor into loyal customer. They provide several discounts, money back policy, COD as well as easy and fast return services to promote their business brand among every clients.

That is the main reason why the offline businessmen are losing their clients day by day. In fact, nowadays no one is willing to take the needy things from nearby stores, there is a tendency in everyone to take every service from online websites that show all pros and cons of the product on the screen of your smartphone. The day is near when every client will buy his necessary things from online stores. As people’s brains and eyes are seized by their smartphones, they even don’t pay heed to the offline stores while walking or travelling except their phone screens .

The insightful business owners have already started to promote their businesses through websites and versatile apps to spread the business across the country as well as the world. The developers use the strategy of digital marketing and SEO for the growth of a business. So this is the moment when all small businesses also have to make online presence  to survive. Customers can connect to online stores in a much easier way than the offline stores because a business’s website is able to connect with customers both online and offline.

Blogrator can help your business grow and build your unique identity. We will show your website on the top of the online search so that you can get maximum number of customers. If you really need a beneficial and attractive website, contact our agency without any delay.



There are two options you can use to contact us for your work.


Get in touch with us and we will provide you the perfect business names and contact no. of your territory to which you need to call and convince them to purchase our service.

Option 2:

You can also call or visit the companies in your area by yourself and convince them to purchase our service.

How do you earn cash from us?

Referral 500: Blogrator will give you 500 INR for every effective sale of our items. Website Design Service 3 in 1 Combo Pack, this pack will give you the opportunity to get Website Design Service of Rs. 14990, Digital Marketing Service of Rs. 1990 and Content Writing Service of Rs. 990. Our every customer can get Rs.17970 back plus 1 year free support by purchasing this 360° pack worth 9990 rupees.

What are the services that we give?

  1. Web design & Development service.
  2. Digital marketing.
  3. Content development service.
  4. Ecommerce service.
  5. SEO service.

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