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How to earn money from Blogrator?

All big/small ecommerce companies are doing competition with each other by giving more discounts and better services to the customers through their websites and apps. They are spending lots of money in advertising to bring more customers in their online stores where they are offering discounts, cash backs, COD and easy return services.

That’s why the local business owners are losing customers day by day. Even the customers not buying products from the store next door, rather they prefer giving online order. The day is near when customers will order everything online. In the era of internet people are very busy with their Smartphones. They even don’t look at the stores while walking or traveling but their smartphones.

So the cleaver business owners are already opening online stores through websites and mobile apps and reaching the smartphones by digital marketing and SEO. It is the time when all small businesses must come online to fight for surviving. All online businesses get customers from two sides, offline and online where the businesses that are offline get only one side customers that are from offline.

So taking the services from blogrator is one kind of awareness to survive in the market. The business owners will definitely understand if you can convince them properly. Do study our website before talking with any business owners.

“Pay Per Customer Agreement”

How can you join us for the work?

There are two options available if you want to join us for this work.


Contact us about the work and we will give you business names and contact no of your locality to which you have to call and convince them to buy our service.


You can contact the businesses of your locality by yourself, by calling or visiting and convince them to buy our service.

How will you earn money from us?

Referral500: Blogrator will pay you 500 INR for each successful sell of our product Website Design Service 3 in 1 Combo Pack, This pack contains Website Design Service worth rupees 14990, Digital Marketing Service worth rupees 1990 and Content Writing Service worth rupees 990. So with the purchase of 9990 rupees service from us customers are getting back 17970 rupees value plus 1 year free support.

What are the services that we give?

  1. Web design & Development service.
  2. Digital marketing.
  3. Content development service.
  4. Ecommerce service.
  5. SEO service.
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