How to get hired on freelancing platforms?

If you are new to freelancing platforms then it will be hard to get a work. Because getting a work on freelancing platforms depends on three rules,

  1. Your previous feedback history,
  2. The exams you have passed with good percentage on that platform,
  3. Good communication skill, confidence and proper information over the job.

Why you should attend the exams on your skills?

If you are at the start then it isn’t possible to have feedback history. So there are two options left as I said above. If you are really confident about your skills then you can participate in the exams on that platform you work. Basically, every popular freelancing platform has the option to take the exam. Exams are basically taken on English aptitude test, programming skill test on the particular programming language, popular web applications test like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc, writing skill test and others.

If you get a good percentage on the exams then it will display on your profile and that will help you to get a job easily when you submit a proposal. Degrees will help you to win clients trust.

How participating in contests will give you reputation?

If you are out of proposals and you have not attended any exams then the last and most popular option is left to you is to take part in contests held by clients. Here you can show your talents and take part in so many contests as you want. The best thing is you don’t have to spend your limited proposals here. Though winning a contest is not as easy as the participants are very talented are from worldwide.

Take part in the contest, send the proposal to the job and showcase your profile on the skills you are best at.

You must know your skills you have. Never be over confident. You will compete with 100s of top skilled freelancers to get a single job. You must explore and research on any particular skill.

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