How to get rid of pimples?

How to get rid of pimples?

Pimples are a boil that comes usually on face rather than any other place.Our face looks ugly,if we have pimples.It can be painful if we pinch it and it can leave marks on your face if you damage it with your hands.

There are many ointments available at shops ,which does not have much effect and the pimples remain as it is.

But what if you get rid of pimples by sitting at your home in short time!!!

Cause of Pimples:

Before we see the medication,let me brief you what can cause you pimples:

1. Because of hormones.

Yes,hormonal change in our body can bring pimples in your face.That’s why we see pimples when we attain teenage

2. Oily Food

People nowadays are addicted to junk foods and oily foods. Oily food can ofcourse cause you pimples and skin problems.Hence eat vegetables,fruits and green leafs.

3. Cosmetics

Yes,I know girls are fond of doing make-ups and they look marvellous if they do it.

But,the fact is cosmetics which contains chemicals can cause skin damage and pimples.

4. Pollution

Pollutionless atmosphere is hard to see in this era.We see noise,smoke pollution even in a small village.

We should cover ourselves,when we go out,to avoid skin damage due to UV rays and atmosphere.

Now let us now know,how to get rid of Pimples using home remedies:

1. Alovera:

This natural thing,Alovera,can be found everywhere and has lot of medicinal values.

One such value is,it helps to cure skin disease in very short time,if applied regularly.I tried it myself and yes it did a trick and also made my complexion fairer.

Try and let me know your feedback.

2. Sandal:

Sandal if applied on affected areas can do magic and will leave your skin soft and smooth.

3. Tomato:

If applied on skin,it not only acts as bleaching agent but get rid of pimples in 2 days if applied regularly.

4. Potato:

If we have marks due to pimples,potato can get rid of it very easily.

5. Turmeric:

By default,as an Indian you all must know the antiseptic property of Turmeric.Apply you will see the difference yourself.


The remedies for our diseases are at our home,but we prefer medicines which has chemicals.

Natural agents does not have any side affects.

So without any delay try using all the agents described above and have a glowing looks.

Don’t forget to use it regularly.You can even try combining two or more ingredients and apply it.You will have faster results.


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