How to make Soft Chapatis??

How to make Soft Chapatis??


Making chapatis softer has some methods which are given as below:

  1. Take flour and add salt into it .Mix it with your hands and add water slowly and mix it.
  2. kneading is the secret of getting softer chappatis.So knead it properly with required amount of water and sprinkle some amount of ghee into it.Knead it again and again.
  3. once dough becomes soft and non-sticky,sprinkle some amount of oil and cover it with damp cloth and rest it for an hour.
  4. After that,make small rounds required to make chapati and keep it ready.
  5. Sprinkle some amount of flour to avoid sticking while rolling .
  6. Once rolled,put it in hot tawa, and either serve it dry or spread ghee or butter to serve.
  7. Enjoy soft chappaties with delicious gravies.

Chappatis are good for health if taken dry and easy to digest.

Enjoy delicious food!!!

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