How to open a blog in Quora?

How to open a blog in Quora?

It is very easy to open a blog in Quora. It is not just a platform that provides free blogging option to us. It is one of the biggest question-answer problem-solving platforms and for sure it is better than yahoo answers. In Quora you can write an answer on a question in a similar way you write a blog in Blogger or WordPress platforms. That mean you can add links, images and videos in your answer that gives the platform a blogging like feeling where many people give their answers on a similar question. It not only gives the seekers a clear concept but also you get extra knowledge on the topic from answers given by others.

The reason why Quora is so popular because it helps bloggers/businesses/service providers to get good traffic to their blog/website. It also helps people to make some money for recommending products/services from here without a website (called affiliate marketing). Besides the answers get huge views that again helps the bloggers/businesses/service providers. Because all you need is just the relevant traffic to profit from whatever you are providing.

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Here follow the step by step procedure to open a free blog in Quora:

Here follow the step by step procedure to open a free blog in Quora:

Step 1:

Open and then signup or login to your account.

If you have successfully logged in to your account then from the upper right side you will find your profile picture.

Click on the picture and then from the drop down menu click on blogs.

Step 2:

After that click on Create Blog

Step 3: 

Select a unique Blog URL.

You can’t give a space in the Blog URL section. Because it will be the unique sub domain of Quora. If the given name isn’t accepted then try different one. It happens because somebody else is using the name.

To know more about unique sub-domain please read: What is a sub domain? How is it related to free blogs? 

Step 4: 

Click on create Blog.

Your blog is ready! 

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