How to record your computer screen for free?

by Ranjan Barman

In this article, I will discuss perfect screen recording software that will blow your mind. Today I first used that software and I felt that yes! This is the software I was looking for. I have tried and fed up with many screen recording software (I don’t want to name them). As a web developer, I can feel the effort that the software engineers give to build software. By the way, leave the emotional issues.

I never saw that much strong video quality and easy to use user interface. Besides you can use webcam and microphone to create your video for YouTube or another purpose.

The only drawback (not for me) is you will need an internet connection at the time of recording the video. In a few minutes, your video will appear on the website page.

The best part is you can instantly download the video from the website and can also share the video link to the social networking sites or in email and also you will be able to embed the code of the video to your website.

But if you are using free account then your video will only appear on that website for 24 hours. Don’t worry paid options are also available.

Ready? I am going to tell the software name….

Software name: Loom

Now, here sad news comes. It is not a desktop application. You can’t download and use the application like desktop applications. It is a chrome extension, like a plugin for WordPress (Oh! You know about WordPress right?). It will run from chrome or the Loom’s website.

My feedback: I got what I was looking for. Now I am satisfied with it!

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