How to send good proposal in freelancing?

How to send good proposal in freelancing?

I got a phone call today from someone Vipin from Truelancer, who is a Business Development Executive there. He queried about my skills and told me that I got a project invitation. I told him to mail me the details and I got the mail. You can see it bellow,

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I opened and checked my truelancer account and I saw the project invitation. The project was posted by a user who previously posted two projects that he didn’t approve any freelancer. The current project price was 1000$ that was extremely high for the job. So the job owner is not trustworthy and that is a different story.

The good point is Vipin, the Business Development Executive gave me a link “How to send a good proposal?” that information I am sharing with you. Find it below I believe it will help you a lot, 


Hello Freelancers,

On a daily basis, despite of sending proposal on several jobs, you are not able to grab a single project. So, we are here to help you out in this problem with these simple Tips:

  1. Before sending proposal ensure that you have a genuine profile picture. If you are an individual use your professional pic and if you are an company put your logo.

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  1. Add your “Professional Title” in your profil

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E.g : “Magento Certified Developer”  “Full time Graphic Designer having 7 years of experience”

  1. Add a portfolio. This will increase your chance of getting a project.

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How to send good Proposal

As you know proposal is the only chance to grab client attention and impress him to start a conversation with you.

So I would share some tips of writing a good proposal with some example:



I need a Matchmaking iOS  Application



Hi there!

Greetings from {Your Name}, hope my message finds you in good health.

It’s straight to your referenced post we already developed such dating application like {Example} and hold a good experience over it.

We are quite excited to take up this assignment. You would be delighted to see that our Development team is very passionate and adhere to one the best industry standards and practices. Our Developers are experienced in developing complex and large-scale Web and Mobile application.

Please review the KEY FLOW and FEATURES we have developed in our dating apps:


#Admin Panel:

{Share a bit more about the application features}

#Please review our app similar to{your requirement}:

  • Sample 1 with link
    • Sample 2with link
    • Sample 3 with link
    • Sample 4 with link
    • Sample 5 with link

Some Queries:

Ask some question regarding the project, it shows your seriousness towards the project & also it will gain client’s attention.

Wish you all the luck!!!

Go grab a project, and start your work.

Looking forward to hear more from you for any query.


{Your Name}

  1. Kindly DO NOT share your contact details if done we might have to take action against you.


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