How to work from home without investment?

Is it possible? or is it just a myth?

Working from home is like a dream to many people. You may have seen so many ads on internet and newspapers. Some of you may have ended up being cheated.

Have you ever noticed the person next to your door is giving teachings services to the school going students of your locality in his own house. He is also working from home.

If you think working from home means to work with your computer from your home then why looking for advertisements from other companies? You can do it of your own.

First make one thing clear that working from home doesn’t mean looking for advertisements (who provide the services).

From now you should be familiar with the terms like “Blogging“, “Affiliate Marketing“, “Freelancing“, “Self-Publishing“, “Google Adsense“, “WordPress“, “Digital Marketing“, “Google my Business” etc. The term “work from home” refers to the above keywords.

If you are just a starter then you need to be educated on the fields. This is a huge education for each of the subjects. With time you will understand that you need a website to start all these things. You can start your own website for free on internet and kick start your blogging career along with affiliate marketing. It is completely free and you don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket.

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You can also study the great books like “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging“, Make Money Outside of Your Day Job

You must remember there is no syllabus or proper course to learn these subjects. You have to follow the blogs and books to increase your knowledge if you really want to know what work from home means.

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