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Ikigai- secrets to live long and happy life

Ikigai is the art of staying young while growing old. It is a Japanese word. According to the Japanese, everyone has their own ikigai. Some people are trying to find out their ikigai where as they carry it within their own self.It is hidden deep inside everyone of us and it requires a patient search finding our ikigai. It was first discovered in a place called Okinawa in Japan where it is being noticed that most of the person living a long and healthy life, ikigai is the reason that they get up in the morning and work.

Following are the ten rules of ikigai that put help you find your own reason you live a long life happily-

Stay active, don’t retire– it is important to keep doing things of value ringing beauty and making progress in your life with the things you love to do. If you give up then you will lose the purpose in your life at some point.

Be slow- having in life is inversely proportional to the quality of life you would leave so take it slow and find out your ikigai.

Avoid filling your stomach– according to the centenaries you should eat eighty percent in order to stay healthy for a long time eat less than your hunger demands.

Surround yourself with good- when you surround yourself with good friends , you confine your worries over a good chat , getting advice , having fun and live to the fullest. Friends are the best medicine.

Try to get in shape– when I say get in shape it does not means that you should start doing immense exercise and diet. Rather, it means that the body we move through the life it needs some daily maintenance to keep it running for a long time; do some exercises like go for a morning walk , use stairs instead of the elevator, etcetera.

Always keep smiling– a beautiful smile is not only relaxing but it also helps you to connect with people. It is good to recognise the things that aren’t great but you should never forget the privilege of your life in this world full of possibilities.

Stay close to the nature– the most of the people in cities nowadays have deliberately or undeliberately forgotten the taste of the nature , but to live a long , healthy , cheerful life ; one should often reconnect with the nature to recharge our batteries.

Be thankful– you should be thankful to the nature and and sisters which provides us with the air and the food, we should always be grateful to our friends and family as they brighten everything around us and makes us feel alive and lucky.

Living in the moment– you should always stop regretting your past , accept your present and make way for your future . Always remember, you have today and make the most out of it.

Follow your ikigai– once you have find out the passion inside you, a unique talent that gives meaning to your days and drives you towards excellence and doesn’t let you sleep ; that reason is your ikigai. Always follow your ikigai because that’s the only way to keep working happily for a longer time.

Everyone’s ikigai is different , but one thing we have in common is that we all are searching for the meaning of our existence. When we spend our days feeling connected with something meaningful that makes us believe more fully ; when we lose the connection we feel despair. Modern life strangers from our true nature making it very easy for us to live without a meaning. There is no perfect strategy to connect with your ikigai. Life is not a problem to be solved just keep doing what you love, keep yourself busy and stay connected with nature and people around yourself. I hope you find your ikigai that helps you find the meaning of life and prosper.

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