The JioPhone announced by Reliance is now the biggest talk of the town. The JioPhone, introduced as “India ka Smartphone” is a 4G feature phone that is    powered by KaiOS. The most attractive feature about this phone is that it is launched at an attractive price of Rs.0. Users will only have to put down a refundable initial deposit of Rs. 1,500 upfront. The company said that customers can pay Rs. 500 when pre-ordering and the rest can be paid upon the delivery of the phone.The main aim of the launch of the JioPhone is to give the estimated 50 phone users who don’t have the access to 4G technology because of the high costs of smartphones.

Along with usual feature phone functionality, the JioPhone also includes supportive voice commands. It even comes with an in-built browser and other apps such as JioTV, JioMusic and JioCiema. The phone has a very familiar design compared to other feature phones. While introducing the phone, Akash and Isha Ambani explained how the JioPhone is extremely easy to use. They went on to explain the company’s plans to integrate NFC support in order toallow tap and pay solutions to operate with a linked bank account. Other features of the phone include a panic button, 2.4-inch display, FM radio and expandable storage among other things. The main aim of the company is to provide internet connectivity to millions of Indians who lack coverage. Mukesh Ambani pointed out that they’replanning to achieve this aim based on three main pillars; data affordability, connectivity and device affordability.

A beta version of the phone was released on the 15th of August this year and it was open for pre-order from the 24th of August through Jio stores and Myjio App. The phone is planned to be distributed to the customers who have pre-ordered, on a first come first serve basis. The much-anticipated delivery of the JioPhone began earlier this week. According to a statement released by the company, they aim to complete distributing all of the six million phones by Diwali. The deliveries will be carried out in a phased manner in order to avoid any confusion or inconvenience both for the company and the customers.

So, what’s the catch? The deal that Reliance is offering for the JioPhone seems too good to be true. The Rs. 0 deal on the JioPhone offered by Reliance has caused much upheaval within the country. I’m sure when you first heard about it, zillion questionscrossed your mind. So, we thought it’s important for you to know the terms and conditions from Jio about how to use it.

We know some things about the JioPhone, but there is so much more in “fine print” that we don’t know about it. This includes the comprehensive terms and conditions laid out by Reliance about the JioPhone.

  • You have to make a refundable deposit of Rs. 1500 each year. The period begins from the moment your phone is activated.


  • You cannot transfer, resell or rent your JioPhone to anyone else for the whole period of three years. This term was expected and pretty obvious.


  • Somehow or the other, if you decide that you don’t like the phone and you want to return it, you can. However, it will cost you! Reliance is planning to charge a fee called the “Early Return Charge” from customers who wants to return their phone. Which to me, seems ridiculous.


  • If you decide to return the phone within 12 months of purchase, you will have to pay the company Rs. 1500 including GST and other taxes. During the 12 – 24 months, you will have to pay Rs. 1000 and during 24 – 36 months you will have to pay Rs. 500.


  • If you fail to make the payments for the minimum recharges as agreed, the company has the right to repossess your JioPhone.


  • In order to receive their deposits, users are required the return their JioPhones once the three years are up.


  • When returning the phones, users are required to delete all the data on the phone


  • And most importantly, the phone has to be in good working condition without any damages. If there are any damages they will deduct it from the customer’s deposit or the customer might lose their deposit altogether.

Written by, Ama Sedara

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