Longtime relationship tips from my point of view

Longtime relationship tips from my point of view

After 3.5 years in a relationship if today I look back then I realize that it was worth having such a relationship like that. Almost 4 years ago I was so confused about my life goals and I had very less earning capabilities than today. So the girl played very important role in my life to focus on my career.

It was a mature relationship as the girl was intelligent and very realistic also almost same of my age. I can say I had mental peace with her. We used to understand each other very well and share everything with each other. She was my inspiration and because of her I could really focus on my work. My world was so perfect only because of her. We almost never fought because of any third person in our life as our bonding and trust for each other was so strong. We fought for some other reasons though.

Every relationship has its different story. Respect is very important in a relationship from the both sides. In relationships “anger”, “ego”, “disloyalty”, “lies” are the biggest enemies that can destroy a healthy relationship very easily.

That’s all I wanted to share from my experience.

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