Panel Hosting

Panel or control panel hosting is something like the control panel in windows. From a panel, we can control or maintain our website related works. Like from a panel we can create subdomains and use it separately. For example, is a subdomain for

Some interesting things that we can do from a panel:

  1. We can internally maintain our website files folders (like create, update, delete…).
  2. We can install many free applications (like WordPress for blogging site).
  3. We can work with main and subdomains separately.
  4. We have access to our database.
  5. We can keep our eye on our monthly/weekly/daily traffic using web log analysis software.
  6. We can see the total file size that we are using.
  7. We can configure our email accounts from here.
  8. We can maintain FTP users’ account.
  9. We can pay for site backup facility and use it internally for the particular folder (main/subdomain) if any damage takes place.

Some popular panels:

  1. Plesk.
  2. Cpanel.

Some popular panel hosting providers:

  1. Dreamhost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Godaddy

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